10 dishes for travelers

Traveling around the world, it is easy to plunge into the gastronomic world of the country in which you find yourself. And each is famous for a dish known all over the world! Do not forget to try these particular dishes if you happen to be …

… in Italy. Pumpkin flowers

Italy is famous for its business cards – pizza, pasta, lasagna, traditional sauces and drinks. It would be too commonplace today to go to Italy for pizza, when we cook it at almost the same level.

Something that can only be tasted in Italy is Fiore di zucca – pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. The flowers themselves are fried in batter in olive oil.


…in Greece. Moussaka

Musaka is a popular dish not only in Greece, but also in Turkey, Moldova. Each country has its own way of cooking, however, nothing is incomparable with Greek!

The bottom layer of this dish is fried eggplants with olive oil (in some interpretations, zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes). The middle layer is juicy lamb or beef. Top layer – classic Bechamel sauce. All this is baked until golden brown, while the filling remains very tender.

… In France. Escargo

These are famous French snails – quite an expensive but mind-blowing delicacy! Of course, snails are not a primordially French dish, but the merit of the escargot goes to the French! This is an appetizer served with white wine. They are seasoned with garlic oil and parsley, which creates a wonderful ensemble with shellfish.

…in India. Masala dosa

Dosa are crunchy Indian pancakes made from traditional rice or lentil flour. It is impossible to surprise the inhabitants of India with them, in every family, regardless of financial situation, these pancakes are frequent guests on the table.

And the filling can vary, and depends on taste preferences, geography and finances. Masala is a filling of tomatoes, mashed potatoes and onions .. But its secret is in the Indian chutney seasoning, which emphasizes the taste of the dish and favorably sets off all its ingredients.

…in China. Peking duck

A real Peking duck is not at the diner around the corner in your city. This is a whole ritual of cooking and serving, which only the Chinese are famous for. Duck is served with rice pancakes, tangerine flatbreads, specially prepared Haixing sauce. Chicken slices are wrapped in pancakes or eaten separately, soaked in sauce.

…in Thailand. Catfish there

Catfish tam is a combination of all four components of the taste palette! At the same time sour and salty, sweet and spicy, the catfish recipe there, at first glance, looks ridiculous. Unripe papaya is seasoned with sugar, garlic, lime juice, Indian date juice, fish sauce, mixed with seafood and vegetables, generously adding peanuts. But in fact, an incredibly tasty dish.

… in Australia or New Zealand. Dessert Pavlova

Airy meringue combined with delicate cream – Australia and New Zealand are still arguing for this duet, considering it theirs. It is cooked equally tasty both there and there. Interestingly, the dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, and is complemented by berries or fruits – strawberries most often, less often kiwi and passion fruit.

…in Japan. Teppanyaki

This is not just a dish, this is a whole cooking process – special and only Japanese. This is a whole performance, which is played out in front of the amazed audience by a professional chef, frying products in a pan. You can not only enjoy the taste, but also see the whole “kitchen” from the inside, observe the master’s skill and personally thank him for the prepared dish.

… in Malaysia. Curry laxa

This soup is spicy and spicy, very popular with tourists, and the locals respect its coconut-creamy taste.

Curry laxa is made from fish broth, curry and coconut milk. The addition can vary – noodles, waxes, eggs, tofu and all kinds of spices.

…in USA. BBQ ribs

Barbecues are an integral part of American kitchen life. That is why ribs are a distinctive dish of this country, and even in all its diversity, fried meat is different in each state.

The most popular ribs are flavored with garlic, tomatoes, vinegar sauce and spices. Another contrasting option is with sugar, honey and sweet spices.

This is not a complete list of amazing countries and dishes that you can try while traveling through them. In every corner of our planet, you can find something to your liking and bring delicious memories from your trip!

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