Most popular coffee drinks

Coffee is probably the most popular drink. And all thanks to its variety, because every day you can drink a coffee drink that is completely different in taste and calorie content.


This is the smallest portion of coffee and is considered the strongest among coffee drinks in terms of strength. Despite this, espresso is minimally harmful to the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract. The method of preparation of this coffee is unique in that during the preparation process the bulk of the caffeine is lost, while the rich taste and aroma remain. Espresso is served in a volume of 30-35 ml and, in terms of calorie content, “weighs” only 7 kcal per 100 grams (without sugar).



This is the same espresso, but increased in volume with the help of water, which means with a loss of taste. The bitterness inherent in the first drink disappears, the taste becomes softer and less frequent. 30 ml of espresso makes 150 ml of Americano coffee. Its calorie content is 18 kcal.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is rich in spices. It is prepared on the basis of grains, ground very finely. Turkish coffee is brewed in a special turk over a very small open fire so that it does not boil during preparation and does not lose all its taste. Turkish coffee is very caffeine-rich and unsweetened very low in calories.


Another drink that is prepared on the basis of ready-made espresso. Milk froth is added to it in proportions of 1 to 1. Macchiato is a bit like a cappuccino, and in some variations it is prepared simply by adding ready-made milk foam to ready-made brewed coffee. In terms of calorie content, about 66 kcal comes out.


Cappuccino is also prepared on the basis of espresso and milk foam, only milk is also added to the drink. All ingredients are taken in equal parts – total one part coffee, one part milk and one part froth. Cappuccino is served hot in a warm glass, its calorie content is 105 kcal.


This drink is dominated by milk, but still it belongs to the coffee range. The base of the latte is hot milk. For preparation, take one part of espresso and three parts of milk. To make all the layers visible, the latte is served in a transparent tall glass. The calorie content of this drink is 112 kcal.


This coffee is served chilled and is made with a double espresso and 100 ml of milk per serving. The prepared components are whipped with a mixer until smooth and, if desired, the drink is decorated with ice cream, syrup and ice. Calorie content of Frappe without decor is 60 kcal.


Chocolate lovers will love this drink. It is now being prepared on the basis of a latte drink, only at the finish line chocolate syrup or cocoa is added to the coffee. The calorie content of Mokkachino is 289 kcal.

Flat white

Hardly distinguishable from a latte or cappuccino in its recipe, Flat White has a bright individual coffee taste and a soft milky aftertaste. A drink is being prepared on the basis of double espresso and milk in a ratio of 1 to 2. Calorie content Flat white without sugar – 5 kcal.

Cafe in Irish

This coffee contains alcohol. Therefore, you should carefully get acquainted with the new drink. The base of Irish coffee is four servings of espresso mixed with Irish whiskey, cane sugar and whipped cream. The calorie content of this drink is 113 kcal.

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