Zodiac food: how to eat Cancer



We continue our astro-project “Food according to the Zodiac”, in which we are glad to acquaint our beloved readers with the opinion on the correct diet based on the zodiac signs. And now it is the turn of charming Cancers to find out what to eat and what to avoid. 

Compliant, non-conflicting Cancers entirely belong to the house. This is their abode, protection, way of realization, including that is why the kitchen is an important place in the life of Cancer. They value delicious food and love to enjoy their meal in a relaxed family environment.


Cancers rarely eat in different restaurants, cafes and have a negative attitude towards fast foods, taking care of their health. But, if Cancers still need to eat out, they will opt for an expensive restaurant with a good reputation.


Cooking is one of the favorite activities of this sign. And the dishes prepared by Cancers always turn out to be at their best. True, they prefer to cook meat food, since meat is their favorite product. Cancers do not like to cook dishes according to some intricate recipes, they prefer simplicity and speed, while being very selective in the choice of ingredients for their cooking.

Representatives of this mark will never buy a product that is sewn or of poor quality. Cancers look, for the most part, always athletic and fit, a saggy belly is not inherent in them.

How to eat Cancer

The main problem in Cancer’s nutrition is overeating, which, in combination with a weak stomach, causes various digestive disorders – fermentation, nausea, vomiting, burning in the stomach and other unpleasant symptoms. 

Representatives of this sign need to avoid excessive consumption of food in one meal. To prevent fermentation in the stomach, you do not need to eat sweets and sugary drinks after meals. Also, you should not combine alcohol with food.


Cancers are not advised to consume confectionery, for which they have a special predilection. And you also need to be careful when eating raw fruits and vegetables, especially those that can cause fermentation in the stomach. Cold drinks are also dangerous. When eating shellfish, crayfish, crabs, Cancer must be considered with the possibility of an allergic reaction, which is inherent in the representatives of this sign. 

What is better for Cancers

  • This is primarily food, consisting mainly of cereals, fermented milk and dairy foods.
  • Of meat dishes, fish, white poultry, steamed are well suited.
  • Various soups are very useful, especially vegetable ones.
  • Food must be fresh and well cooked.
  • It is better to exclude fried foods from the diet.
  • Naturally economical Cancers should not eat yesterday’s dishes and second-freshest foods.

We will remind, earlier we told which of the zodiac signs are the biggest sweet tooth, and also noticed which coffee drinks are preferred by different signs. 

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