What you need to know about vegan cosmetics from Italy


Many Italians choose a green diet – this is a fact. No matter what anyone says, the country of tomatoes and olives is simply created in order to consciously approach the culture of food. The most fertile area of ​​Italy is the Padua Plain, on which Milan and its environs are located – the settlements of local farmers who grow vegetables and fruits using traditional technologies. Animal husbandry is poorly developed here, and this made it possible to create conditions for more and more neophytes who turned to veganism.

Eco-farms in Italy are a completely unique phenomenon. In recent decades, hereditary farmers often go to work in production or in the service sector. Some have preserved traditions and keep restaurants, intended mainly for tourists who have embarked on gastronomic journeys. Here, the owners can not only give a tour of the site, but also deliciously feed a salad of fresh herbs, vegetable lasagna or sun-dried tomatoes. Tourists, by the way, are not the only ones who admired this feature.

Seventeen years ago, the Italian chemist Antonio Mazzucchi, traveling around the outskirts of Milan, came across a restaurant of natural farm cuisine, where the restaurateur gave each visitor masks made from fresh vegetables. The scientist came up with the idea to combine the ancient traditions of Italian cuisine and the innovative achievements of cosmetology. And the cards were formed: Milan, one of the main pharmaceutical centers in Italy, accepted this idea, and the scientist took up development. In 2001, he launched his first product, a carrot mask grown on eco-farms in a suburb of Milan.

The idea was quite simple, and therefore ingenious. Preserve the benefits of plants without adding parabens, silicones, mineral oils and ingredients of animal origin. Mazukchi then launched a whole collection of face, body and hair care products. 

Avocado Foot Cream, Olive Hair Balm, Tomato Extract Shampoo, Carrot Extract Purifying Mask and herbal, citrus and vegetable soap sets.

Fifteen years later, cosmetics appeared in Russia and hit the shelves of pharmacies. It’s nice, it means you can trust. It has gained distribution so far only in a narrow circle of vegans. But that’s just for now. Soon she will ascend to the throne, where her main subjects will be vegetarians, vegans and people who care about their health.

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