What is conscience: reflections on conscience, quotes


What is conscience: reflections on conscience, quotes

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Another new year has come, a new round in our life. Many decided to live in a new way, with a sheet as clean as white snow. They wish us good health, happiness and good luck. But a person is happy when there is harmony in his soul and his conscience does not torment him.

Conscience – what is it?

What is conscience? This is the ability of a person to independently formulate moral obligations and implement moral self-control, one of the expressions of the moral self-awareness of a person.

Conscience is what makes you think about your actions. Each of us has it and prevents many from sleeping at night. It is a sense of moral responsibility for one’s behavior towards other people or society, as well as towards oneself.

It is this feeling that prevents us from doing bad deeds, it makes us think, comprehend behavior. This is something light and good, which is in the depths of the soul of every person. But why then do people do bad things?

You can’t run away from your conscience, people understood this a long time ago. Why can’t you run away from her? She lives in the depths of the soul of each of us. And since a person cannot get rid of the soul, he cannot get rid of this feeling either.

In our world, it is difficult for an honest person to survive, there are many temptations around. From TV screens, from the press they shout about crimes and deceit.

A bunch of people unleash a war, and someone thinks: “The world is dominated by evil, cruelty, lies. Nothing can be fixed. Most have no concept of conscience. There is an increasing contrast between rich and poor. Why should I take a steam bath and work on myself! “

This generates indifference and spiritual rottenness. Do not give up, friends, honor and dignity has not been canceled!

The world is people. If each of us does not commit bad deeds, will be friends with conscience, there will be less pain and tears in the world. Fewer inhabitants of orphanages and nursing homes, shelters and prisons.

Honest people

Are there many honest people among us? Yes many! At least they try to work on themselves every day, which is very difficult and difficult. This is the greatest victory over yourself!

In my life there are many modest people who have everything in order with their inner world. They will not condemn anyone, they will help the weak, without advertising their good deeds, they will not substitute, they will not betray. I admire these people and continue to learn from them.

What is conscience: reflections on conscience, quotes

You can learn a lot by reading the works of Academician Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev, who is for me a model of the Russian intellectual. This man endured both Solovki and persecution, which only strengthened him, did not break, tempered him. In a nutshell, you cannot describe the fate of this wonderful person.

  • “There is light and darkness, there is nobility and baseness, there is purity and filth. It is necessary to grow up to the first, and is it worth stopping to the second? Choose decent, not easy ”
  • “Be conscientious: all morality is in conscience.” D.S. Likhachev

Dear reader, I wish you inner harmony, live with a light heart, live according to your conscience. So that every day pleases with good deeds and wise deeds. Additionally, I recommend an article about the XIV Dalai Lama, about his philosophy and attitude to the world.

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