Fighting laziness: simple tips from successful people


Fighting laziness: simple tips from successful people

😉 Dear reader, have you decided to read the article “Fight against laziness”? This is commendable, because many are lazy … The fight against laziness is a fight with oneself.

“I am the laziest person in the world” – I said to myself more than once. Because of my many years of laziness, I have not achieved much in my life. Very often I shifted good undertakings “for tomorrow”, and “tomorrow” simply disappeared in time … Her Majesty Laziness took over me completely, it was not easy to get rid of this infection!

Fighting laziness: simple tips from successful people

This creature controls you ?!

How to beat laziness

There are many tips to combat this rubbish, I want to offer my own way to victory. Get angry at laziness as an enemy that takes your life! Make a firm decision to banish this toadstool from yourself and from your home! Believe me, after that you will want to get off the couch and act.

My method of dealing with laziness:

Project valid for 21 days

It has been proven that if you decide to do something seriously, you need to do it for exactly 21 days. Not 18,19,20 days, but strictly – 21 days. After this period, a need and a habit arises.

Fighting laziness: simple tips from successful people

The first step

Tidy up your house: get rid of junk, unnecessary things that pull you back. Unnecessary things, dirt, dust and cobwebs – this is the kingdom of Sloth. Idleness does not get along where everything is clean and everything is in its place. Both in the house and in the head. How to do it – it is written in the article “Trash in the House”

The second step

Exercise daily, just 10 minutes, but daily! Plus a contrast shower is a cool thing, it invigorates perfectly. This will help restore your strength, replenish energy reserves. This is one of the reasons why a person is lazy, he lacks physical strength. Light physical activity – something like warming up the engine of a car before a long journey.

Example: you are a stay-at-home and watch your favorite TV show in the evenings. If you have a home simulator, you can combine the useful with the pleasant: watch the TV series and “pedal” at the same time! Or do self-massage (massage hands, feet, face).

The third step

Planning. Make a plan for the day, week, or month. Write it down on paper! It is very important. You will not forget anything and enjoy when you put a plus in front of the item that the goal has been achieved. This is very motivating for further action.

Big deal

You can’t take on some big business right away. Our enemy needs to be fought in small steps, but every day. If we need to do a big thing, then it is better to break it down into several parts. Because when we see a big task in front of us, it seems to us that it is impossible.

As a result, it may turn out so that we will constantly postpone for later, in the end we may completely forget about it.

Example: you are going to study English for a long time. Get started today! Memorize 3 new words every day. In a month you will know 90 words, and in a year – 1080 words!

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😉 Friends, leave in the comments tips, remarks and suggestions on the topic: Fighting laziness.

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