Wellbox LPG®: the miracle anti-cellulite device?


Wellbox LPG®: the miracle anti-cellulite device?

An anti-cellulite device, the Wellbox reproduces the action of Cellu M6 from LPG at home. To tackle cellulite, the endermology machine combines mechanical palpating and rolling with a sequential suction technique to tone the skin and reshape the silhouette.

What is the LPG Wellbox?

Renowned for its famous Cellu M6, an anti-cellulite device used in institutes and reserved for professionals, the LPG brand has developed its Wellbox, a machine for individuals that allows you to use a firming treatment at home.

This endermology device with rounded curves and a refined design is the result of a professional patent made in France developed to offer a care routine at home.

What is endermology?

Endermology is a technique intended to act against cellulite and fatty deposits by mechanically reproducing the gesture of palpating and rolling associated with a suction system. It is practiced in institutes trained in the LPG method. A technique that is also found in the care of this cell stimulation device.

How does the Wellbox work?

The combination of suction and massage helps to drain adipose tissue. It is made up of five interchangeable heads sold with the device, which alternate between vertical suction and lateral movements of the rollers:

  • Three ROLL heads for the body, responsible for lifting, rolling and unwinding the tissues. These tools are responsible for reproducing the palpate-roll mechanically so as to stimulate the area to accelerate the clearance and act on sagging skin.
  • Two LIFT heads for facial gymnastics. These two small tips are developed to stimulate fibroblasts and act on the production of collagen and elastin.

A plurality of uses which makes it possible to offer the user about ten care routines. Composed of few buttons and easy to use, the Wellbox is also sold with a booklet detailing the movements to be reproduced and the tools to be used. After connecting the device, the user is free to select the routine that best suits him to firm the arms, tone the buttocks or drain the legs that suffer from water retention, for example. The maneuvers are detailed on the screen and must be repeated for several seconds.

The combination of massage and suction will unclog the tissues and thus reduce cellulite. The device will also stimulate circulation and therefore the production of collagen.

Is it painful?

Each routine is guided to support the user during use. It is possible to adapt the power of the suction according to your own feelings and the area you want to work. The treatment is not supposed to hurt or cause the appearance of hematomas in the days following the use of the machine.

How long does it take to use the Wellbox before seeing any effects on cellulite?

To see an effect on cellulite, you have to be regular in your practice. Count at least 5 sessions per week. Each routine lasts approximately 6 minutes.

To fully work the body, the session will last about 30 minutes, or five 6-minute routines.

What results can you expect from the anti-cellulite machine?

The use of the Wellbox does not replace a healthy lifestyle and daily activity. The benefits of the endermology machine will be visible on the firmness of the skin and the disengagement of the tissues, but the Wellbox does not allow you to lose weight.

The positive and negative points of the Wellbox

What makes inlingua different

Easy to use, the Wellbox adapts to everyone’s schedule with short care routines that can easily be put into everyday life. Voted for its benefits on the appearance of the skin and its anti-cellulite action, the device is also effective on water retention. The draining massages offered will improve blood and lymphatic circulation

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If the machine is compact, it remains quite heavy: 8 kilos. Impossible to slip it into your suitcase for a weekend or a vacation. The price is also high – 1199 € – better to be sure to use it regularly before investing.

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