Everything you need to know about semi-permanent varnish


Everything you need to know about semi-permanent varnish

A varnish that holds two to three times longer, without flaking, this is what semi-permanent varnish offers. In a salon or at home with a manicure kit, it requires different steps. What is it exactly? Is it safe? Finally, an essential detail: how to remove a semi-permanent varnish?

What is semi-permanent nail polish?

A varnish that lasts up to 3 weeks

While traditional varnishes stay in place 5-8 days at most, semi-permanent varnishes promise 15-21 days. Or almost 3 weeks without thinking about his manicure. When you have little time for yourself, it’s a real plus to always have impeccable nails.

Gel, kit and UV lamp for professional installation

Semi-permanent varnishes are above all professional varnishes that must be fixed with a UV lamp. They are therefore used in beauty institutes and, more particularly, in nail prosthetists. In recent years, however, it has been very easy to get a kit with all the necessary equipment.

The kits are generally composed of acrylic gel varnish – including the base and the top coat, in other words the last layer – a UV lamp and files. They can also contain the necessary to remove the varnish. There are also kits that are even more accessible and easier to use, with a small UV lamp in particular. In this case, it is necessary to proceed nail by nail to fix the varnish.

It is nevertheless essential to follow all the steps for a successful semi-permanent manicure. A person used to doing manicures at home can easily get started. But if you don’t have this talent, instead entrust your nails to a recognized professional or institute. Especially if you want a more sophisticated manicure with patterns (nail art).

How to remove your semi-permanent varnish?

A semi-permanent varnish will not flake off in the same way as a conventional varnish. If it has been done properly by a professional, it will most certainly stay in place for at least 15 days. But your fingernails will of course grow. It will therefore be inevitable to remove the varnish. Likewise, if you did your manicure yourself and the varnish is having trouble sticking, you will have to remove everything.

Removing your semi-permanent varnish has a name, it is the removal. There are thus removal kits. But it is possible to do it yourself easily with a few tools. For this, uUse the foil foil technique.

Bring yourself:

  • Of acetone solvent, obligatorily
  • Alcohol at 90 ° C
  • Cottons. If you find any, prefer cellulose cottons designed for manicure. They have the advantage of not leaving any lint.
  • Of a file
  • Of a boxwood stick
  • Aluminum foil

Start by gently filing the tops of your nails to remove the first layer. This will have the effect of making the varnish rough and therefore easier to remove.

Soak a first cotton ball in solvent. Place it on the nail and wrap your fingertip with aluminum foil to secure it. Repeat for each finger. When everything is finished, leave on for 15 minutes. Then remove each foil. Gently scrape off any remaining varnish with the boxwood stick. Clean each nail with an alcohol swab to remove everything. Wash your hands. You can then treat your nails as usual.

Note that, in all cases, you should never attempt to remove this type of varnish with a solvent without acetone. Likewise, do not try to remove the polish by pulling on it and even less by scratching your nails. This would seriously damage them.

The risks of semi-permanent varnish

  • Not recommended for certain nails

On paper, the promise of semi-permanent varnish is enticing. However, it is not suitable for all nails. Thus nails in poor health, brittle, split, thin, soft, are a contraindication to semi-permanent varnishes.

  • Don’t keep it too long

Your polish can stay on your nails for three weeks, but no longer. You could suffocate them. They would then become soft and brittle.

  • Professional or at home, safety first

Permanent polish as such is not a problem on healthy nails. But beware at the time of removal. Too aggressive removal can damage nails already weakened by the varnish. For this reason, use gentle movements if you are doing the removal at home. And, in the same way, if you entrust your nails to professionals, make sure beforehand of their know-how and the hygiene within the salon.

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