Water Diet

Diet is always to some extent a rejection of earlier eating habits. Of course, not always comfortable. And if you change meals is not possible (session, strained by work, changes in life), and to part with the extra pounds the time is ripe, try the diet for the lazy.

A key role in this diet plays water!

It is easily possible to lose on a water diet from 5 to 8 kilos for 2 weeks. For this you before each meal, including before a snack, you should drink 1 or 2 glasses of water (200 ml).

How works the diet for lazy?

Water is filling the stomach and suppresses hunger. As a result, portions of food become smaller, faster metabolism. You have no more cravings for other liquids that contain sugar, soda, store-bought juices, tea, or coffee.

Increases energy, vigor, health, you readily move, and thus, expend more energy and burn calories.

Only 1 rule: two cups of water 20 minutes before eating

The basic rule of the diet on the water for the lazy — drink 2 glass of water 20 minutes before any meal. While eating and two hours after a meal you should not drink.

In compliance with this rule, the whole point of the diet and the hidden psychological move. They say, eat, please, eat, before you drink water. And people are already mechanically chewing a sandwich, and waiting for the time, at the same time thinking about that, but was he hungry in reality, or this sandwich was just to jam an experience?

Water Diet

What kind of water to drink

It’s better if you drink thу still pure water without gas: artesian, mountain, snowmelt or, in the most extreme case, the water which is filtered. Boiled tap water during the heating loses the main part of the valuable salts and minerals, so drink it in large quantities is not recommended.

The temperature of the drink should be the room. Do not drink water in one gulp, and fractional small SIPS, so she will stay longer in the body.

Water Diet

You should carry out this diet once a year 1. A water diet is not suitable for pregnant, lactating, and for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, heart, or liver. Because a water diet is a load for the organism, the daily volume passable through a body of water twice the standard dietary recommendations.

And, of course, before going on a water diet for the lazy, consult your doctor.

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Be healthy!

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