Vitamin Deficiency

As a rule, the deficiency incorrectly referred to not an extreme degree of insufficiency of vitamins in the body where its vital functions are substantially impaired, and vitamin deficiency, which manifests itself not as dramatically.

It was caused not by serious diseases, in which the vitamins are not absorbed by the body, but by unbalanced nutrition and diets.

The first signs of vitamin deficiency can be considered as fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, dry skin, brittle hair and nails, as well as frequent colds.

The lack of a single vitamin is rare. Often the body lacks a few vitamins, which he loses because of the lack of specific kind of food.

Lack of vitamin C occurs when the diet lacks fresh fruits and vegetables. Or when these products undergo a prolonged heat treatment.

The main symptoms are: decreased immunity and increased permeability of blood vessels. As a consequence of frequent hemorrhages.

The deficiency of b vitamins affects the condition of the skin, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. For example, deficiency of vitamin B2 appear non-healing sores on the mucous membrane of the lips and mouth, and a lack of vitamin B12 leads to anemia.

Vitamin Deficiency

Alcohol inhibits absorption of b vitamins in the gut, so their deficiency is common in alcohol abuse.

A typical symptom of deficiency of vitamin A – impaired vision and inflammation on the skin and mucous membranes. To its deficiency results in exclusion from the diet of animal products and vegetables containing carotene.

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin D disrupts the absorption of calcium in the body. More of the noticeable symptoms among young children called rickets: incorrect formation of the skeleton and the disorders of the nervous system.

For adults, vitamin D deficiency is less common, but prolonged deficiency also leads to calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Most often seen among the adherents of the mono-diet.

Deficiency of vitamin E leads to disruption of the restorative functions of the body – healing wounds, skin regeneration and hair.

The lack of vitamin E occurs premature aging of body cells, because it violated the protection against free radicals. Occurs when diet poor in vegetable oils.

Vitamin Deficiency

At deficiency of vitamin K impaired blood clotting, and the tissue can start as spontaneous bleeding. As a rule, its deficit is connecte with a lack in the diet of fresh green vegetables and animal products.

If for some reason it is impossible to balance the diet so that it contained foods rich in all essential vitamins, taking multivitamin complexes can improve the situation.

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