Vegans from the world of show business and politics: ups and downs

More recently, it was believed that plant-based nutrition was the lot of hippies, religious sectarians and other outcasts, but literally over the past few decades, vegetarianism and veganism have turned from eccentric hobbies into a way of life for hundreds of thousands of people.

There is no doubt that this process will pick up pace, and more and more people will refuse animal products.

Many celebrities from the world of show business and politics have decided to become vegans. However, some of them, for one reason or another, refuse the vegan lifestyle.


Alicia Silverstone

Famous animal lover and film actress Silverstone switched to a vegan diet in 1998 when she was 21 years old. According to her, before this happened, she suffered from asthma, insomnia, acne and constipation. Speaking to celebrity host Oprah Unfrey, Alicia said of her meat-eating days: “All my nails were covered in white spots; my nails were very brittle, and now they are so strong that I can’t bend them.” After switching to a plant-based diet, she said, her health problems went away, “and I feel like I don’t look as loose.”

Mike Tyson

Famous heavyweight boxer and world champion Mike Tyson went vegan in 2010 for health reasons.

Tyson comments on this move as follows: “I just felt that I needed to change my life, do something new. And I became a vegan, which gave me the opportunity to live a healthy life. I was so addicted to cocaine and other drugs that I could hardly breathe, I had high blood pressure, arthritis, I was practically dying … Once I became a vegan, I experienced significant relief.


The musician and celebrity vegan, now in his thirties, announced his decision to become a vegan in Rolling Stone magazine: leads to their suffering. And I thought, “I don’t want to add to the suffering of animals. But the cows and chickens kept in barns and poultry farms are suffering severely, so why am I still eating eggs and drinking milk?” So in 1987 I gave up all animal products and became a vegan. Just to eat and live in accordance with my ideas that animals have their own lives, that they are worth living, and increasing their suffering is something that I do not want to participate in.

Albert Gore

Although Al Gore is a world famous politician and Nobel Prize winner, he is not a hypocrite.

In 2014, Gore commented on his conversion to veganism: “More than a year ago I went vegan just as an experiment to see how it works. I felt better, so I continued in the same spirit. For many people, this choice is connected with considerations of environmental ethics (causing minimal damage to the environment), also with health issues and the like, but I was driven by nothing more than curiosity. My intuition told me that veganism is effective, and I remained a vegan and intend to remain so for the rest of my days.

James Cameron

World-famous director, screenwriter and producer, creator of Titanic and Avatar, two of the most popular films in the history of cinema.

Cameron: Meat is optional. It’s just our choice. This choice has an ethical side. It has a huge impact on the planet, as eating meat causes the planet’s resources to be depleted and the biosphere to suffer.”

Pamela Anderson

A world-famous American actress and fashion model with Finnish and Russian roots, Anderson has been a plant-based advocate for many years, fighting against the use of fur, and in 2015 she became a member of the Board of Directors of the Marine Life Conservation Society.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, the legendary American soul singer and songwriter, became a vegan in 2015. This is not surprising given his pacifism. According to Wonder, he has always been “against any war, war as such.”

Maya Harrison

Maya Harrison, an American singer and actress, experimented with veganism for a long time until she became a XNUMX% vegan.

Maya says: “For me, this is not just food, but a way of life. I try to dress fashionably and make sure I don’t wear leather shoes and furs.”

Natalie Portman

American actress and producer Natalie Portman had been a vegetarian for twenty years by the time she read a book about veganism. The book made such an amazing impression on her that Natalie refused dairy products.

On her web blog, Portman wrote, “Perhaps not everyone agrees with my idea that animals are individuals, but animal abuse is unacceptable.”

However, Natalie subsequently decided to return to a lacto-vegetarian diet when she was pregnant.

Carrie Underwood

The American country music star finds it difficult to eat only natural and healthy foods while on endless tours. Say, then the food will be reduced to salad and apples with peanut butter. At the end of 2014, after publicly announcing that she was expecting a child, Carrie refused a vegan diet. 

Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton, who hardly needs an introduction, ditched the vegan diet in favor of the so-called Paleo diet, low in carbs and high in protein. This happened when his wife Hillary introduced him to Dr. Mark Hyman.

Dr. Hyman told the former president that his vegan diet was too high in starches and not enough in high-quality proteins, and that it was harder for vegans to lose weight.

Hyman was already a celebrity by then, thanks to his talk show demeanor, good looks, and well-selling books.

The new diet that both Bill and Hillary are following consists of proteins, natural fats, and gluten-free whole foods. Sugar and processed foods are excluded from it.


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