Veganism: Save the Earth’s Resources

The average British citizen eats over 11 animals in a lifetime, which, in addition to being ethically unacceptable, requires an unimaginable waste of natural resources. If we really want to protect the planet from the negative influence of man, one of the simplest but most effective methods is.

Currently, the UN, scientists, economists and politicians agree that the breeding of animals for the meat industry generates many environmental problems that affect humans. With 1 billion people without enough to eat, and another 3 billion in the next 50 years, we are more than ever in need of major change. A huge number of cows bred for slaughter emit methane (belching, flatulence), nitrous oxide is present in their manure, which is also one of the factors affecting global climate change. The UN report noted that livestock contributes to the formation of greenhouse gases than all modes of transport combined.

Even in poor countries, legumes, vegetables and grains are fed to animals in slaughterhouses to produce meat and dairy products. The bottom line: more than 700 million tons of food suitable for humans goes to the needs of animal husbandry every year, instead of going to food for the needy. If we take into account the problem of energy reserves, then here we can see a direct connection with cattle breeding. A Cornell University study found that animal protein production requires 8 times the energy of fossil fuels compared to plant-based ones!

The author of many vegetarian articles, John Robbins, makes the following calculations regarding water use: Over the past 30 years, global agribusiness has shifted its focus to the rainforest, not for timber, but for land that is conveniently used for grazing livestock, growing palm oil and soybeans. Millions of hectares are cut down so that a modern person can eat a hamburger at any moment.

Summing up all of the above, here are 6 reasons why veganism is the best way to save the Earth. Each of us can make a decision in favor of this choice right now.

– One dairy factory with 2,500 cows generates the same amount of waste as a city of 411 inhabitants. – The organic meat industry uses more natural resources to produce its product. – 000 g of a hamburger is the result of 160-4000 liters of water used. – Pastoralism covers 18000% of the total territory of the Earth, not counting the area covered with ice. – Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of ocean dead zones, water pollution and environmental destruction. -45 acres of rainforest are cleared daily for livestock purposes. According to experts’ forecasts, if we do not significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14400, there is a possibility that. And it’s pretty scary to imagine.

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