The unexpected threat of potato

Potatoes remain the most popular vegetable. It is the most popular ingredient for side dishes and main dishes.

It turns out that this vegetable can cause significant harm to your teeth. In potatoes, increased starch content, which, when applied in the mouth, produces lactic acid, which softens the teeth’ enamel.

Just a few minutes and the acidity level in the oral cavity approaches zero, appear harmful bacteria that spoil the enamel. When exposed to starch and saliva produced by starchy foods, they are converted into glucose, which also damages the enamel.

Some experts recommend to abandon the potato; some suggest after each use, thoroughly clean the teeth.

The unexpected threat of potato

Ignoring this sanitary requirement may lead to the occurrence of dental caries, which, in turn, may lead to pulpitis, which will lead to the removal of the nerve, and the tooth will be “dead.”

Doctors believe that even those who have caries are genetically predetermined; if you eat right, they will be able to avoid it.

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