What foods can cause headache


Headache has several conditions: stress, fatigue, dehydration, weather conditions – only a considerable part of which could trigger poor health. It is important to choose the right nutrition and to avoid food that will exacerbate symptoms. Of course, all these products can be perceived by the body in different ways, but they are all in varying degrees, increase headaches.


Caffeine is a tool that narrows blood vessels and, therefore, presents some medicines for headaches. And just an abrupt cessation of drinking the beverage suddenly leads to a severe migraine attack, and excess coffee can in itself provoke poor circulation and cause cramps. Norm of coffee a day – 1-2 cups of natural drink.


What foods can cause headache

Wine, like any other alcohol, causes dehydration, thereby causing headaches. It also caused many flavonoids – tannins that have a direct chemical effect on the brain—the fewer the flavonoids in frost, the lower the risk of headaches.

Aged cheeses

Some cheese with the original taste and long exposures contains in its composition the amino acid tyramine. Most people metabolize tyramine without any consequences, but in some cases, when a deficiency of the enzyme that breaks down tyramine, this amino acid accumulates and increases the pressure. The weakening of the immune system, hormonal failure tyramine causes headaches.

Sausages and canned foods

What foods can cause headache

Processed and cured meats or fish also contain tyramine, so the frequency of consumption of sausage products and canned food can lead to more frequent manifestations of migraine. In these products, the high concentration of nitrates and nitrites dilate the blood vessels and cause excessive blood flow to the brain – hence the headache.

Pickled products

Clothing is another source of tyramine. Eating them in large quantities, we put ourselves at risk of permanent migraine attacks. It is better to give preference to fresh vegetables, rather than pickled and preserved with acid.

Overripe fruit

Tyramine is in trouble and overripe fruits, which seem to be especially attractive because of their juiciness and sweetness. Dried fruits contain the preservative sulfite, which scientists also suspected of provoking headaches. It turns out; healthy snacking can cause serious health disorders, and therefore read the composition and eat the ripe fruit, but not overripe.

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