Top 10 most read books in Russia today

If you decide to spend the evening reading an interesting book, then the proposed list of popular literature will help you in choosing a work of art. Famous modern authors and classic writers offer the reader the most fascinating works to date.

Based on the reviews of fiction lovers and the demand for works in stores, a list of the TOP 10 most read books in Russia today was compiled.

10 Jodo Moyes “Me Before You”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

The top ten novel of the English writer Jodo Moyes “Me Before You”. The main characters do not yet know that their meeting will radically change their lives. Lou Clark has a boyfriend she doesn’t really have feelings for. The girl loves life and her job at the bar. And it seemed that nothing foreshadowed the appearance of problems that the girl would have to face in the near future.

Fate brings Lou with a guy named Will Taynor. The young man was seriously injured by a motorcycle that hit him. His only goal is to find the culprit and take revenge.

But the acquaintance of Lou and Will becomes a turning point in their lives for the heroes. They had to go through trials to find each other. The novel captivates with its eccentricity, where there is no hint of banality.

9. Dmitry Glukhovsky “Metro 2035”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

Fantasy genre work Dmitry Glukhovsky “Metro 2035” became a sensational novel of this year, which is a continuation of the previous parts: “Metro 2033” and “Metro 2034”.

A nuclear war has killed all life on the planet and people are forced to live in the subway.

In the story that concludes the trilogy, readers will find out if humanity will be able to return to earth again, after a long imprisonment under the earth. The main character will still remain Artyom, who is so fond of book lovers. Fantastic dystopia rightfully ranks ninth among the most read books today.

8. Paula Hawkins “The Girl on the Train”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

The eighth position of the rating is occupied by a psychological novel with elements of a detective story by a British writer Paula Hawkins “The Girl on the Train”. A young woman, Rachel, destroyed her family herself by becoming addicted to alcohol. She has nothing but the image of the perfect couple Jess and Jason, whose life she watches from the train window. But one day this picture of a perfect relationship disappears. Under strange circumstances, Jess disappears.

Rachel, who drank alcohol the day before, struggles to remember what happened and whether she has anything to do with the strange disappearance. She begins investigating a mysterious case.

According to 2015 data, the bestseller is in the top 10 best-selling books in the country.

7. Donna Tartt “The Nightingale”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

Donna Tart released the third part of a masterpiece of psychological prose “Goldfinch”. Art is closely intertwined with the fate of the teenager Theodore Trekker, under tragic circumstances. A boy loses his mother during an explosion in an art gallery. Fleeing from the rubble, the main character decides to take with him a painting by the famous author Fabricius “Goldfinch”. The boy has no idea how a work of art will affect his future destiny.

The novel has already fallen in love with many readers of Russia and rightfully takes 7th place in the top 10 most popular books today.

6. Alexandra Marinina “Execution without malice”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

New detective story of a Russian writer Alexandra Marinina “Execution without malice” entered the top 10 most read books in Russia. Anastasia Kamenskaya, together with her workmate Yuri Korotkov, arrive in a Siberian town to resolve personal issues. The trip becomes for the heroes another investigation of a mysterious wave of crimes. Professionals in their field will have to find out how the murders of environmentalists and the fur farm, which litters the surrounding area, are connected. An exciting story about an unusual investigation awaits the reader.

5. Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

Immortal manuscript Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita” is one of the most read books in Russia today.

The classics of world literature tells about true, devoted love and insidious betrayal. The master of the word managed to create a book within a book, where reality is intertwined with the other world and another era. The arbiter of human destinies will be the dark world of evil, doing good and justice. Bulgakov managed to combine the incompatible, so the novel is firmly in the TOP 10.

4. Boris Akunin “Planet Water”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

“Planet Water” – a new literary work of Boris Akunin, which consists of three works. The first story “Planet Water” tells about the amazing adventures of Erast Petrovich Fandorin, who rushes in search of a maniac hiding on the island. For this reason, he has to interrupt the underwater expedition. The second part of the book “Sail Lonely” tells about the hero’s investigation of the murder. The victim is the former lover of Erast Petrovich. The final story “Where do we go” will introduce the reader to the robbery case. The protagonist is looking for traces that will lead him to the criminals. The book was published in 2015 and is rapidly gaining popularity among today’s readers.

3. Paulo Coelho “Alchemist”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

Paulo Coelho became popular in Russia, thanks to the philosophical creation “Alchemist”. The parable tells about the shepherd Santiago, who is in search of treasure. The hero’s journey ends with true value. The young man meets an alchemist and comprehends philosophical science. The purpose of life is not material wealth, but love and doing good deeds for all mankind. The book has been the most read in Russia for many years.

2. Dan Brown “The Da Vinci Code”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

Dan Brown is the author of the acclaimed world bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”. Despite the fact that the novel came out relatively long ago (2003), it is still the most read novel in our country today.

Professor Robert Langdon has to solve the mystery of the murder. The cipher, which was found next to the murdered museum employee, will help the hero in this. The solution to the crime lies in the immortal creations of Leonardo da Vinci, and the code is the key to them.

1. George Orwell “1984”

Top 10 most read books in Russia today

The most read book in Russia today is a dystopia George Orwell «1984». This is a story about a world where there is no place for true feelings. An absurd ideology, brought to automatism, rules here. The consumer society considers the ideology of the Party to be the only correct one. But among the “dead souls” are those who do not want to put up with the established foundations. The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith, finds a soul mate in Julia. A man falls in love with a girl, and together they try to take steps to change the situation. The couple is soon declassified and tortured. Smith breaks down and renounces his ideas and lover. The book about the totalitarian regime of government to this day remains popular all over the world.

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