Top 10 Modern Prose – Best Books

We started reading less. There are many reasons for this: from the abundance of various time-consuming gadgets to the large amount of worthless literary husks that fill the shelves of bookstores. We have compiled the top 10 best books of modern prose, which will definitely please the reader and make you look at literature with different eyes. The rating was compiled taking into account the opinions of readers of major literary portals and critics.

10 Bernard Werber The Third Humanity. Voice of the Earth”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

BOOK Bernard Werber The Third Humanity. Voice of the Earth” in 10th place in the ranking of the best works of modern prose. This is the third book in the Third Humanity series. In it, the writer discusses the ecological future of the planet. Werber’s books are always fascinating reading. In Europe, the genre in which he works is called fantasy, and in South Korea, many of the writer’s novels are considered poetic works. Werber’s fame was brought by his novel “Ants”, which he wrote for 12 years. An interesting fact is that readers fell in love with the writer’s novels long before critics started talking about him, as if for many years they deliberately ignored the author.



9. Slava Se “Plumber. Your my knee”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Slava Se “Plumber. Your my knee” – another book by a famous blogger on the 9th line of the top 10 best books in the genre of modern prose. Under the pseudonym of Slava Se, the Latvian writer Vyacheslav Soldatenko is hiding. When his short stories and notes from his personal blog became popular, a major publishing house offered the author to release a book based on them. The circulation sold out in a matter of days. “Your My Knee” is another collection of the writer’s notes written with humor. Glory Se’s books are a great way to deal with sadness and bad mood.

Few people know that Slava Se worked as a plumber for about 10 years, although he is a psychologist by profession.

8. Donna Tartt “Goldfinch”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Donna Tartt with The Goldfinch at number 8 on our top 10 best contemporary fiction. The book was awarded the highest award in the literary world – the Pulitzer Prize in 2014. Admiration for him was expressed by Stephen King, who said that such books appear extremely rarely.

The novel tells the reader the story of thirteen-year-old Theo Decker, who, after an explosion in a museum, received a valuable painting and a ring from a dying stranger. An old painting by a Dutch painter becomes the only consolation for an orphan wandering among foster families.



7. Sally Green “Half Code”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Novel Sally Green “Half Code” – on the seventh line of our top 10 best books in the genre of modern prose. A world will open before readers, in which wizards live side by side with people. They are subordinate to the highest governing body – the council of white witches. He strictly monitors the purity of the blood of magicians and preys on half-breeds, such as Nathan Byrne. Although his father is one of the most powerful Black sorcerers, this does not save the young man from persecution.

The book is among the most exciting novelties of modern literature in 2015. It has been compared to another well-known series of wizarding novels, Harry Potter.


6. Anthony Dorr “All the Light We Cannot See”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

At number 6 in the ranking of the best books in the genre of modern prose – another nominee for the Pulitzer Prize. It’s novel Anthony Dorra “All the Light We Cannot See”. In the center of the plot is a touching story of a German boy and a blind French girl who are trying to survive during the difficult years of the war. The author, who tells the reader a story that takes place against the backdrop of World War II, managed to write not about its horrors, but about the world. The novel develops at once in several places and at different times.




5. Mariam Petrosyan “The house in which …”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Novel Mariam Petrosyan “The house in which …”, which ranks fifth in the top 10 best books, can scare the reader with its considerable volume of a thousand pages. But it is worth opening it, and time seems to freeze, such an exciting story awaits the reader. In the center of the plot is the House. This is an unusual boarding school for disabled children, many of whom have amazing abilities. Here live the Blind, the Lord, the Sphinx, Tobacco and other inhabitants of this strange House, in which one day can contain a whole life. Each newcomer must decide whether he is worthy of the honor of being here, or it is better for him to leave. The house keeps many secrets, and its own laws operate within its walls. The boarding school is a universe of orphans and disabled children, where there is no way for unworthy or weak spirits.

4. Rick Yancey “The 5th Wave”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Rick Yancey and his first novel from a trilogy of the same name “5th wave” – on the 4th line in the ranking of the best works of modern prose. Thanks to numerous science fiction books and films, we have long formed ideas about what the plan for the conquest of the Earth by alien beings will be. The destruction of capitals and large cities, the use of technology unknown to us – something like this is seen. And humanity, forgetting about previous differences, unites against a common enemy. One of the main characters of the novel, Cassie, knows that everything is wrong. Aliens, who have been watching the development of earthly civilization for more than 6 thousand years, have thoroughly studied all models of human behavior. In the “5th wave” they will use their weaknesses, their best and worst traits against people. Rick Yancey paints an almost hopeless situation in which human civilization has found itself. But even the wisest alien race can make miscalculations in assessing the capabilities of people.

3. Paul Hawkins “The Girl on the Train”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

Paula Hawkins with her amazing detective novel “Girl on the Train” ranked third in the top 10 best books in the genre of modern prose. More than 3 million copies were sold in the first months after the release of the book, and one of the well-known film companies has already begun work on its adaptation. The main character of the novel, day after day, watches the life of a happy married couple from the train window. And then Jess, Jason’s wife, suddenly disappears. Before that, Rachel manages to notice something unusual and shocking from the window of a speeding train in the courtyard of a married couple. Now she must decide whether she should go to the police or try to unravel the cause of Jess’s disappearance herself.

2. Alice Sebold “The Lovely Bones”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

In second place in our ranking is the novel Alice Sebold “The Lovely Bones”, filmed in 2009. Susie Salmond was brutally murdered at the age of 14. Once in her personal paradise, she watches what happens to her family after the death of a girl.






1. Diana Setterfield “The Thirteenth Tale”

Top 10 Modern Prose - Best Books

First place in the ranking of the best books in the genre of modern prose is Diana Setterfield and her novel The Thirteenth Tale. This is a work that opened for the reader a long-forgotten neo-Gothic genre. The most surprising thing is that this is the first novel by the author, the rights to which were bought for a lot of money. In terms of sales and popularity, it overtook many bestsellers and was translated into other languages. The book tells the reader about the adventures of Margaret Lee, who receives an invitation from a famous writer to become her personal biographer. She is unable to refuse such luck and arrives at a gloomy mansion, in which all subsequent events will unfold.

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