Tips on how to stop eating junk food

It is often difficult to stick to a healthy diet, especially at the beginning of the transition to a more conscious and correct diet. However, some tips and psychological tricks can help you overcome old habits. 1. House cleaning Get rid of everything unhealthy in your home. Once and forever. No stashed away convenience foods for the “emergency” need to make a quick dinner. You may want to donate excluded items to those in need. But free up space in your home from products that do not benefit a healthy life. Try to replace it with fruits and vegetables. Stock up on green smoothies! Make your refrigerator a treasure trove of healthy and tasty products, it will not give you the opportunity to look back. 2. Use visualizations Even if it is not possible to completely get rid of the unhealthy foods in your refrigerator (due to relatives living together, etc.), it is important to keep yourself motivated to refuse these foods. To help you with this, try to find some images or quotes that inspire you. Perhaps this is your photo in a healthy and blooming state. Perhaps this is a quote about the importance of proper nutrition for longevity. Or, as a visualization, you imagine a place that you have long wanted to visit and where you will feel great. Stick these images/quotes on your fridge or above your desk to remind you of the reasons why you made healthy food choices. Even if there is a temptation in the form of a delicious salad with mayonnaise that your grandmother / mother / sister prepared. 3. Celebrate small successes Dine on a fresh salad instead of a can of canned food? Take 5 seconds to compliment yourself a little. In developing any new good habit, it is important to replay the right decision in your head, thereby giving your brain the green light to perform similar actions in the future. In no case do not leave these facts unattended, because at any moment there are hundreds of different products available to you, but your will is strong enough to make the right decision. You should be proud of yourself. Every time. 4. When you give up, don’t beat yourself up. Whatever one may say, sometimes failures are unavoidable. Whether it’s a junk party snack or a hidden bag of chips, it can happen even after two weeks of non-stop self-defeating. If you make a mistake, do not forget that you are a human being first and foremost. Self-reproach is fraught with the formation of the installation that you are unworthy to follow the right path. Remind yourself again why you made the choice to eat healthy (see #1) and tell yourself that you have the strength and self-control to do so. Good luck!

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