Tips for transitioning to raw food

Beginning russulas face a lot of questions regarding their new diet, from what fruits and vegetables are best to eat, to what can and cannot be mixed. Consider some useful tips for those who have made a choice in favor of live food. Opinions vary regarding the speed of transition to a 100% live diet. We recommend that you do not jump into the pool with your head and stick to a gradual change in nutrition. Start by gradually increasing your daily intake of raw fruits and vegetables while reducing your intake of cooked foods. Greenery is man’s best friend. It contains the minerals that your body needs as it begins to cleanse itself of toxins accumulated as a result of malnutrition. Greens are rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, fiber and other vital nutrients. Green juices and smoothies are easily absorbed by the body. Everyone loves fruits. If you refuse sweet cupcakes, cookies and cakes, your body will require a dose of sweet. However, be careful – do not lean on fruit alone. The diet must remain balanced. It is best to eat them in the morning or as an afternoon snack, mixed with herbs. In fact, this is a general rule for followers of all types of nutrition. Raw foods contain living water, unlike boiled foods. However, the body needs a lot of water to clear parasites and toxins. When switching to a raw food diet, there is a so-called adaptation process. Depending on the cleansing of the body and the release of toxins, the mood can change both upward and downward. There is nothing to worry about, in time everything will return to normal. And again, be careful and careful. People will notice the change in you and are more likely to become interested. There will be those who will praise and support. However, many people can be quite categorical, even trying to dissuade and try to reason with you. There is no point in reciprocal argumentation with this kind of people. Just try not to put on display and not focus on the features of your diet. Have a good transition and a happy conscious life!

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