Thoughts on breakfast, afternoon tea and more

Eating healthy means making sure your diet consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. It is better if all these products are of organic origin. Going to the grocery store should be an important and thoughtful action. When you sort food, do you put most of it in the freezer? Here’s a litmus paper. Despite the many benefits of frozen food, reheating, exposure to a toxic microwave oven… All this suggests that it is time to improve the diet.


Start the day with fruit. How good are blackberries and strawberries for breakfast. Or a couple of bananas. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juice are easy to digest and give a feeling of satiety. Kale or chia seeds can give you energy for the day, although it doesn’t look as appetizing if you’re used to sandwiches and sandwiches. A handful of nuts will be a great start to the day, they will nourish the body throughout the day. If you want to invest money in your own health, do not be stingy with a juicer and a blender so that new habits become firmly established in life.


A lot of people go out of work to restaurants to have an afternoon snack there. There is nothing wrong with that if your budget allows it. There are many establishments that successfully relieve the burden of cooking yourself. But… most people don’t go to the best restaurants and eat unhealthy food. One fast food is replaced by another. Croutons are ordered instead of spinach salad. Drinking water is replaced with a sweet soft drink. How to avoid another bag of chips?

Is it difficult to organize yourself and take lunch with you? Many vegetables can be eaten raw: carrots, celery, peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower. And also fruits, nuts or seeds. It’s not that hard to spread avocados on whole grain bread. Now consider saving money and benefits for the figure and health. If you have a sedentary job and are low on calories, even a handful of nuts or dried fruit will replace a full lunch.

But still…

Life does not pass in a vacuum, it changes and gives different situations. You also have to be flexible about your food. Sometimes gatherings with friends in a cafe are necessary. You have been invited to a new restaurant, and you think you can find low-fat dishes there – forget it! On your birthday, you can eat a piece of cake. The rarity of these events allows them to be the exceptions that prove the rule.

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