The results of calculating the ideal and permissible weight CALCULATION STEP 2 OF 4


Initial data (Edit)
The weight72 kg
Growth168 cm
Age38 full years
Bust96 cm
Wrist Girthmore 18,5 cm

Body type

  • according to MV Chernorutsky: hypersthenic
  • by Paul Broca: hypersthenic

Metabolic rate

  • according to MV Chernorutsky: below normal (slowed down)
  • by Paul Broca: below normal (slowed down)

Body mass index

  • according to Adolph Ketel (Index Mass a Body): 25.5 kg / m2

Ideal weight

  • by Paul Broca: 69.3 kg
  • according to MV Chernorutsky: 69.3 kg
  • by body mass index: 61.4 kg

Permissible weight (corresponding to the norm)

  • by body mass index: from 52.2 to 70.6 kg
  • according to the latest ANIH data: from 52.2 to 76.2 kg

Having nutritional problems

  • Overweight

At this step of the calculation, on the basis of previously obtained (at the first step) indices and indicators, the degree of weight loss in time is determined, which makes it possible to answer the questions:

  • What do you need to eat to lose weight? (choice of diet in terms of its calorie content)
  • How much should you eat to lose weight? (choice of diet by its duration or frequency)

If you have problems with being overweight, the following numerical values ​​for weight loss will be available:

  • Upper limit for body mass index
  • ANIH upper weight limit:
  • Ideal weight by body mass index
  • Ideal weight according to M.V. Chernorutsky
  • Ideal weight according to Paul Broca

And regardless of whether you have nutritional problems with overweight, two always present points will be available:

  • Your choice of the desired weight (your weight may already be less than or equal to the ideal weight according to some method – but you still want to lose weight)
  • The absolute value of weight loss (this item is similar to the previous case, but you need to specify a specific value in kilograms – how much you want to lose weight – for example, quickly lose weight by 10 kg)

The time of the diet in days is roughly necessary to assess the degree of influence on your body. A number of non-medical diets allow you to lose weight up to 1,5 kg per day (together with the bound fluid), but such weight loss regimens are very fast – and although they will lead to results, in the end (after a while – about 3-5 months), lost the weight will return, and even with an excess – the normalization of metabolism does not occur.

Acceptable (normalization of weight in the long term – for several years) values ​​of figures for weight loss – maximum 0,2-0,3 kg per week (depending on your initial weight – but it is better to stick to the first figure). This path will allow in the future to keep the weight at the required level, applying, if necessary, periodic diets, or using nutritional systems for losing weight (for them this figure is even less).

Select the weight to which you are going to lose weight and indicate the estimated time during which you intend to follow the diet


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