The results of calculating the level of physical activity CALCULATION STEP 4 OF 4


Initial data (Edit)
The weight72 kg
Growth168 cm
Age38 full years
Bust96 cm
Wrist Girthmore 18,5 cm
Lose weight before70.6 kg
Lose weight on1.4 kg
Lose weight in time14 days
Weight loss rate0.1 kg / day (Acceptable)
Reducing calorie content650 Kcal / day
BX1470 Kcal / day

Energy costs due to the profession

about 489 Kcal / day

Non-occupational energy costs

In total 1663 Kcal / day

according to:

time to sleep and lie down 551 Kcal / day

housework and outdoor activities 515 Kcal / day

other activities 597 Kcal / day

Total average daily energy consumption

is 2152 Kcal / day

Daily energy expenditure at the selected weight

be 2133 Kcal / day

You now have such a daily energy consumption. When losing weight, it will decrease due to a decrease in basal metabolism. And when you reach the desired body weight by applying the diet, the next step should be to control the daily caloric intake of food – it should not be more than daily energy expenditure at the selected weight with the same physical activity – in this case, your weight will stabilize at the required level.

All calculations are valid for a mixed diet, when the body contains the required amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (in an approximate ratio of 14% 16% 70% for middle-aged people who do not play sports – or in a weight ratio of 1: 1,1: 4,7 , 15 gr.). It should be noted here that for the regions of the Far North and regions equated to them, these ratios are significantly shifted towards a decrease in carbohydrates to values ​​of 35% 50% 10%. Also, for these areas, the average daily calorie content increases by 15-XNUMX%.

Methods for calculating indicators correspond to state regulatory documents approved by law, with the exception of the schemes for calculating the basal metabolic rate (given in the documents for the ranges by weight and age with a step of 5 kg and 10 years – the calculation schemes used here are more accurate in this sense).

Power systems involve following their recommendations for a long time.

The duration of diets, on the contrary, is strictly fixed, and it is highly discouraged to increase it. The same applies to any repeated diet – this period of time is indicated as the minimum.



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