The different personal aids

The different personal aids

The different personal aids

In order to promote home support for the elderly and the disabled, it is possible to have recourse to various personal aids. These offer real support: adapted and personalized. To benefit from it, many financial aids have been created.

Personal assistance for peace of mind at home

When you want your aging parents to be able to stay in their home for as long as possible, it is important to do everything to make it as smooth as possible. The same goes for people with disabilities wishing to continue living at home.

Whether for example following a hospitalization or the loss of their spouse, the elderly are exposed to the risk of experiencing a situation of rupture. Personal aids allow the person concerned to age better, or to cope better with their disability, by being relieved of the difficulties of daily life.

Beneficiaries are less exposed to depression and isolation. We can see that their state of health is much better thanks to personal services, that they maintain better morale because their autonomy is preserved. These services help to fight against loneliness, and to establish a social bond without which the existence would not have much meaning.

Personal services: a wide variety of fields

The daily assistance of an elderly parent or of a person with a disability may prove to be more or less necessary, depending on the degree of autonomy. Many tasks must be performed by a third party when the person is dependent. This may include, for example, shopping, transport by vehicle, accompaniment to leisure activities, preparation of meals, cleaning, laundry maintenance, small gardening jobs and even DIY.

People who are gradually losing their independence may also need personal assistance to eat, wash their hair, do their hair, do some cosmetic care or simply get dressed. Finally, some medical care like changing a bandage is also part of the long list of personal services.

It is possible to call on workers to provide care to a pet and take care of its walks. Many professionals offer their personal assistance services to make life at home more pleasant for seniors and dependent disabled people while relieving their loved ones.

Mandatory authorization or approval

The organization of home life inevitably involves researching the various personal services (SAP) – commonly called personal aids – carried out by competent and dedicated professionals.

Currently, there are twenty-six activities that fall within the scope of AMPs. They are either subject to authorization or subject to approval. They are clearly defined by Decree No. 2016-750 of June 6, 2016. Note that in order to benefit from this financial assistance, it is essential to call on service providers, of course, authorized or approved.

Personal services and associated financial assistance

Financial aid is allocated in order to make it possible to benefit from the various personal services that certain groups need. The financial assistance currently planned is as follows:

  • For the elderly: social assistance from the department, pension funds, the municipality, but also the APA (Personalized Autonomy Allowance) and ASPA (Solidarity Allowance for the Elderly).
  • For disabled people: the AEEH (Disabled Child Education Allowance) which is reserved for under 20s and the PCH (Disability Compensation Service).

It is important to know that personal aids are also intended for children who are less than 6 years old. These services may give rise to the payment of financial assistance. Indeed, the Family Allowance Fund can cover part of the salary paid to an approved childminder or to a childcare provider at home. The CAF can also pay an aid which is called “supplement of free choice of the type of childcare”. It should also be noted that tax advantages are also granted under certain conditions to people using authorized service providers to benefit from various personal aids.

Home care is very important for the elderly as for the disabled because it allows them to live more serenely in their own environment and to maintain a real social bond.

Writing : Health Passport

April 2017


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