The bull’s eye: Properties and benefits – Happiness and health


Do you lack energy and discipline? Do you have back problems? Do you often put things off until tomorrow? Do you find yourself “too nice”?

If you have nodded, then the solution to your problem can be found in this article!

Also called “bull’s eye”, bull’s eye is an excellent stone to protect oneself and to strengthen one’s character.

Its name is eloquent: this gem embodies the strength, resistance and courage of the bull.

Linked to the root chakra as well as to the third eye chakra, this stone has versatile virtues that we will present to you.


The bull’s eye is originally a tiger’s eye; it has been heated so that its color turns a vibrant red-brown.

Its name of course comes from its very similar appearance with the bull’s eye.

It belongs to the quartzite family and is made up largely of crocodilite, a form of asbestos.

It is this element that gives the stone its fibrous texture.

It is a hard stone and quite fragile. It is very popular with jewelers and is used as an ornament for all kinds of jewelry.

The largest tiger eye deposits are found in South Africa, India and Sri Lanka. It is also found in China, the United States, Brazil and Mexico. (1)

Like all quartz, this stone is very sensitive to heat.

To obtain the bull’s eye, it is therefore subjected to a light heat treatment (heated to low temperature).


This mineral has a particularly bright color: turn it towards a source of light, and you will see it shine brilliantly!

Legend and symbolism

As the bull’s eye is not a natural stone, it has no history to speak of. This does not mean, however, that it is devoid of legend!

This stone is very popular in lithotherapy and it is not without reason: it is above all a highly symbolic gem.


The blood color of the bull’s eye makes it perfectly affiliated with the root chakra.

Its heat treatment being very measured, its capacities and its power are in no way altered. (2)

Lithotherapists even consider that the heating stage charges the stone with energy.


The bull’s eye: Properties and benefits – Happiness and health

As a result, it greatly increases the force it gives off. In some cultures, especially in the Far East, the bull’s eye is considered very effective against bad luck.

His boundless power dispels curses and drives out evil spirits.

Due to its thermal modification, the bull’s eye has many and many characteristics. You will discover them now.

Emotional benefits

Amplify decision-making power

It is never easy to make a big decision or to stand against a group of people on your own.

Fortunately, the bull’s eye is there to remedy this problem.This stone improves our strength of conviction and, therefore, our decision-making power. (3)

Also, it strengthens our mind and our character; It therefore makes us ready to assert ourselves.Thanks to the bull’s eye and the root chakra it stimulates, you will no longer let yourself be walked on.

Best of all, when you want to lead the dance, you will naturally be more confident in your speech, and therefore more interesting.

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With your bull’s eye, convincing your interlocutors will be child’s play!

Help us keep our spirits up

Getting up after a fall is never easy. Yet is it not by falling that we all learned to walk?

Otherwise, things are no different: Whatever your goal, there is no success without failure. Stone of resistance, the bull’s eye helps us to withstand blows. It allows us, despite the obstacles, to continue our journey towards our objectives.

With him, we regularly feel refreshed and our determination remains constant. By choosing this stone, you will quickly feel many things changing in your daily life.

Critics and judgments will affect you less and less, you will lose interest in them. No matter what others may say, you will have found the peace and confidence you need to be successful.

If you’ve started a project that you’re struggling to finish, bull’s eye will encourage you to keep trying. Courage, don’t let go!

The bull’s eye: Properties and benefits – Happiness and health

Stop procrastination

Who has never decided to put off a boring task until the next day … then the day after?

Procrastinating is an easy solution of which we are, it must be admitted, many followers. Yet, as you can imagine, laziness is a bad thing. To better enjoy your days, it is important to fight it.

By the energy it transmits to us, the bull’s eye helps us find the motivation we need. This stone helps us to become harder on ourselves, but without feeling negative effects.

On the contrary, it leads us to take a liking to certain aspects of the work, and to enjoy our rest much better. With the stone of rigor, make your life easier… and more pleasant!

Conferring greater autonomy

The bull’s eye makes us more resourceful and more daring.

To gain your independence or quite simply to compensate for a lack of initiatives, this stone will perfectly suit your expectations. Lithotherapists consider this to be an effect linked to the third eye chakra.

When this chakra is opened, as this stone allows, it stimulates our brain and develops our intuition.

We manage to have an outside look on our past and on what our future could be. It is natural that we become more enterprising, that we go out of our comfort zone.

In this car that represents our life, we move from the passenger seat to that of the driver. We stop becoming a spectator, to finally become an actor. In this state of mind, we no longer miss any opportunity, and we enjoy every moment of life.

If you find that you are missing out on things, then you know what you have to do!

Physical benefits

Increase energy and physical strength

Like everyone else, you certainly have a lack of energy when you get up.

You have been woken up several times during the night, you have not slept enough… so many reasons to feel tired and to lack motivation! The chakras that the bull’s eye stimulate will make this little flame shine in you.

More energetic when you wake up, you will also be more resilient throughout the day.

You will have the desire and the strength to do manual work and play sports. Also, you will start to feel a powerful unknown force in your body.

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You will no longer feel bad fatigue after an effort, but on the contrary, a feeling of deep well-being. This is the natural effect produced by the opening of the root chakra. It turns out that the bull’s eye is one of the most related stones to this one.

Strengthen members

Are you a hobbyist? Or, on the contrary, are you planning to take up (or get back to) sport? Either way, the bull’s eye can be your precious ally to keep things going.

Indeed, thanks to the root chakra, this stone strengthens our joints and amplifies their flexibility. It therefore helps to avoid the most classic injuries and even increases our performance.

Of course, this does not replace a complete warm-up but, on the contrary, makes it even more effective. As you will have understood, this stone is suitable for both novices and seasoned athletes!

Relieve back pain

It is a great classic which is unfortunately the daily life of many of us.

Usually because of bad positions, pain appears in the lower back or spine.

The more it hurts, the more we stop moving and therefore the more painful the movements are: it is a vicious circle. As you know, the best way to deal with this problem is to start moving again.

This is of course not an easy thing but rest assured, the bull’s eye will help you achieve it! The stone allows us to move smoothly, which limits the pain. With this stone, we relearn how to do the right things at our own pace.

However, if the pain becomes unbearable, it is important to see your doctor (who can then refer you to a specialist).

The bull’s eye can also be an excellent complement to physiotherapy sessions, so do not hesitate!

Choose your bull’s eye

Bull’s eye is a mineral that is at one with its owner; it is suitable for you. This means that its effects cannot really be shared in a room.

The best ways to use it are therefore as a jewel and a lucky charm.

A large number of jewels and shapes exist for the bull’s eye; There is something for every taste :

⦁ Necklaces and bracelets are very popular, due to the vibrant colors of the stone. These are very nice gifts to give, which obviously have all the characteristics of this mineral.

⦁ Medallions and pendants are very interesting. They generally contain a real polished stone which can be detached for a lithotherapy session.

⦁ Polished stones are ideal to be easily and discreetly transported. These are finely crafted gems that are very pleasant to use. By keeping your bull’s eye in your pocket or bag, you will bring its benefits with you.

⦁ The stones in their natural state are beautiful. Nothing like, for example, to take him to the office. It will be a very pretty decoration item, and you can easily give it a squeeze in your hand whenever you feel the need.

Prepare your bull’s eye

Every stone has been influenced by negative energies at some point.

In the case of bull’s eye, remember that it was treated for a long time before you took possession of it.

I therefore advise you to follow these tips carefully to enjoy a stone in perfect condition.

 Purify your stone

As soon as you receive your stone, it is important to reprogram and purify it.

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To do this, here are the main steps:

⦁ Place the bull’s eye against your third eye (your forehead) and start thinking about the benefits you would like to experience. This moment is not to be neglected, because it is he who will condition the stone.

⦁ Think about positive things and try to be one with your stone. Do this for 5 minutes.

⦁ Once done, prepare a glass of distilled water. If you don’t have one, you can also use plain water. (4)

⦁ Place it at the bottom of the glass for 2 hours if it is a natural stone, and for 30 minutes if it is a jewel.

⦁ Finally, dry your stone well with a towel and let it sit for 1 hour. You can then take the next step!

In addition, I advise you to purify your stone every 15 days if you have chosen distilled water, and every 7 days if you have taken plain water.

The bull’s eye: Properties and benefits – Happiness and health

Reload your stone

Now that your stone is purified and completely adapted to you, it is time to give it all its power.

All you need to do is expose your stone to the sun for at least 6 hours (ideally a whole day). If you have a cluster of quartz to place your bull’s eye on while charging, it will be faster.

As soon as your stone is loaded, you will be able to fully benefit from its virtues… and believe me, the game is worth the candle!

How to use your bull’s eye?

The bull’s eye works primarily as a lucky charm. You just need to have it on you or by your side to obtain its benefits.

So there is no real method to use it. However, as with all other stones, just touching it can be enough to make you feel much better:

⦁ If you are feeling struggling, stressed or depressed, squeeze the stone in your hand and close your eyes. Relax, and let its power take over your mind and body.

⦁ If you are in doubt, or if you need to quickly find a solution to a problem, place the stone against your forehead. Being related to the third eye, it will stimulate your brain and increase your lucidity.

What combinations with other stones?

The hawk eye can go perfectly with this stone. In fact, it complements all the protective characteristics of the bull’s eye.

Indeed, thanks to the hawk eye, you will be particularly protected from headaches and eye pain. This mineral helps us face our fears and control our emotions.

The bull’s eye is more oriented towards the root chakra and the hawk eye is focused on the third eye chakra.

These are two brothers who are eager to come together to support you!


The bull’s eye, a gem of daring and resistance, will undoubtedly make you happy… and your health!

Obviously, let us remember that lithotherapy should never replace conventional medicine.

Do not hesitate to consult the other articles in this category, to learn more about dozens of fascinating minerals!






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