Taking proper care of the bacteria that inhabit us is an easy way to restore health!

Did you know that the human body is only 10% of our own cells and 90% of the cells of microorganisms? I recently read an interesting thought from one doctor who expressed uncertainty about who controls whom: we are the bacteria that inhabit us or they are us! After all, our well-being, appearance, energy level, health, and even our food preferences depend on who lives inside our body !!!! Do you think you like sweets, chocolate and biscuits? But it turns out not quite so: these are the bacteria that inhabit your intestines, require fast carbohydrates and make you, contrary to common sense, gobble up chocolates for the night !!!!


Scientific studies show that an optimal bacteria ratio is the key to strong health, a radiant appearance, a good mood, optimal weight, inexhaustible energy and a sharp mind!

You can find out what bacteria live in your body, how to take care of them, so that they take care of you, how to reduce the population of harmful bacteria, in the framework of the online conference “These adorable bacteria”. The conference is in full swing (October 15-24), but recordings of past talks and additional materials can still be purchased here.




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