Movie “Sugar”: a documentary thriller

The topic of excessive sugar consumption has been worrying me for a long time. I write regularly about the problems that sugar causes, and I urge my readers to pay attention to them. Fortunately, there are many active fighters against this sweet poison in the world. One of them, director Damon Gamo, creator and protagonist of the movie “Sugar” (you can watch it at this link), made an interesting experiment on himself.


Gamot, who had never had any cravings for sweets, consumed 60 teaspoons of sugar daily for 40 days: this is the dose of the average European. At the same time, he received all the sugar not from cakes and other desserts, but from foods marked healthy, that is, “healthy” – juices, yoghurts, cereals.

Already on the twelfth day of the experiment, the physical state of the hero changed dramatically, and his mood began to depend on the food eaten.


What happened to him by the end of the second month? Watch the film – and you will find out to what shocking results his experiment led.


In addition, from the film you will learn about the history of the appearance of so many sugar-containing foods on the shelves of modern stores and why manufacturers add a huge amount of sweeteners to food.

Now the problems of obesity and diabetes are more relevant than ever, these diseases have taken on the scale of a global epidemic, and the reason for this is precisely the excess of sugar in the diet, and not fatty foods, as many still mistakenly believe.

Fortunately, these health problems can be avoided if you learn to control your sugar intake. This requires not only attitude, but also special knowledge, both of which you can get in the course of my three-week online program “Sugar Detox”. It helps participants free themselves from sugar addiction, become informed consumers, and improve their health, appearance and mood.

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