Scientific facts about vegetarianism and love

Dating site AYI has published information about people’s preferences for virtual dating. It turns out that a woman’s profile was clicked 13% more often if she was a vegetarian. It is clear that men prefer vegetarian women. Conversely, women were 11% less likely to click on the profile of men who eat plant foods. It has to do with the mentality that “machos should eat meat”. In fact, there is strong scientific evidence that vegetarians are the best lovers.

Less common erectile dysfunction

For a good lover, erectile dysfunction should not be a problem. But in vegetarians, this trouble is less common than in meat-eating colleagues. It used to be thought that erectile dysfunction was caused by anxiety. But it is a combination of physical and, sometimes, psychological problems. One of the most important causes is heart disease. Researchers have found that heart disease is the cause of erectile dysfunction in 75% of cases. A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by a third, and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

In general, meat in the diet is bad for all human organs. A large amount of saturated fat in meat restricts blood flow and increases blood pressure – this makes it difficult for blood to flow to the vessels of the penis.

More stamina and energy in bed

A large amount of research has been done to find out how much energy vegetarians get from their diet. An experiment was conducted when men were engaged on an exercise bike until they were completely tired. The meat-eating men lasted only 57 minutes. Those who combined meat and vegetables in their diet were able to work 114 minutes. Vegetarians, on the other hand, pedaled for a whopping 167 minutes.

Why are vegetarians so hardy? As medicine explains, energy from vegetables is absorbed by the body faster. This gives vegetarians more energy in bed as well. Because many people forego processed foods in the process of transitioning to a vegetarian diet, they become more resilient than meat eaters.

Vegetarians smell better

Researchers at Karl University in the Czech Republic set out to find out how diet affects body odor. They took armpit samples from meat eaters and vegetarians. Smell samples were given to women to taste, who rated how pleasant they were. Women found the smell of vegetarian men more attractive.

Why do vegetarians smell better than meat eaters? One of the reasons is that red meat produces toxins that enter the bloodstream and the large intestine and then exit through the pores. Another reason is bacteria on the skin. Bacteria love to consume proteins and fats, which are abundant in meat. Thus, bacteria thrive on the body of meat eaters and their body smells bad.

Soy is good for sexual health

Contrary to the opinions that soy reduces sexual desire, causes infertility, reduces sperm count and makes men look effeminate, there are many arguments that it is just the opposite. The benefits of soy isoflavones for women have been proven – the vagina releases lubrication better. For men, soy isoflavones are beneficial for prostate health. This is key, because without prostate health, fertility will fall and sex drive will disappear.

Libido increases

There is a lot of debate about how hard it is scientifically to measure sex drive. However, there is evidence that a vegetarian diet improves libido. The study examined how soy isoflavones affect the behavior of red colobus monkeys. Getting soy isoflavones, they began to have sex more often! A vegan diet is also closely related to mood and mental health, and these are certainly necessary aspects for libido.

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