Salads with arugula

Mature arugula has large and sharp leaves; it is better not to use them in cooking. For a salad, choose arugula with small soft leaves, the stems are best cut off, and the flowers (a nice cream color) can be used to decorate the dish – they are edible. Spicy olives, fried onions, fresh figs and salty cheeses go well with arugula. Arugula salad dressing can be made with olive oil, walnut or hazelnut oil, wine vinegar, and lemon juice. An impromptu arugula salad Calculation: 1½-2 cups of arugula per serving 1) Gently sort, wash and dry the arugula leaves. Tear large leaves into pieces. Place lettuce leaves in a bowl. 2) Fry the diced red onion, mix with balsamic vinegar and pepper. 3) Pour the arugula salad with the resulting dressing, put it on a dish in a slide and serve. Sweet onions contrast well with spicy greens. Arugula with tomatoes and olive croutons Ingredients (for 4 portions): 2-3 ripe tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes 8 garlic croutons olive paste 8-10 cups arugula, stems and very large leaves cut off 3 tablespoons olive oil balsamic sauce to taste Recipe: 1) Cut the tomatoes into 2 parts, remove the seeds, then cut into cubes. If you have cherry tomatoes, cut them into 2 halves. 2) Brush the croutons with olive paste. 3) Dress the arugula with olive oil mixed with balsamic sauce, add tomatoes and mix. The combination of flavors and colors in this salad is uplifting. : : Lakshmi

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