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The boom of pregnancy photographers

Are you waiting for a happy event and you want to immortalize your belly and your beautiful curves? As you can see on the Parents Facebook page, which gives pride of place to a photographer and their models (baby or pregnant woman) every evening, professionals have invested in this niche. They offer couples shots with varied tones, poetic, sensual or offbeat.

Photos to immortalize pregnancy

Pregnancy photographs are about highlighting the voluptuous curves of a pregnant woman, in order to immortalize them. Many mothers feel the need to keep memories of this unforgettable stage. To pass them on to their child or quite simply so as not to forget this “state of grace”. Photography appears to be the ideal medium to carry out this project.. The only proof that has stood the test of time. This phenomenon is more and more prevalent in France. Christelle Beney, photographer specializing in pregnancy photography, notes “an upsurge in mothers wishing to immortalize this important moment in their life”. Also specialized in this photographic genre, Marie-Annie Pallud shares this opinion and confirms the trend: “indeed, pregnancy photos are more and more in demand. For a year, this phenomenon has exploded. I happened to have four pregnancy reports in one week. I especially meet first-time mothers, future mothers who discover pregnancy. The phenomenon concerns less mothers who have already known and felt all the upheavals of a pregnant woman. “

Important: choose a specialist photographer

Taking a picture during pregnancy is a delicate exercise. A future mother is full of emotions and can be very sensitive. The development of the project with a professional is therefore essential because it can be intimidating to pass in front of a goal. Specialized photographers know how to put in confidence and sublimate a hesitant and intimidated future mother. Elected portrait painter of France 2011-2012, Hélène Valbonetti says “one day, I met a future mother who said to me:“ I feel horrible, make me beautiful ”. It is a delicate period, when we no longer recognize ourselves physically and yet the beauty is there, more than ever. I try to capture it with my device. Before the session, an exchange of ideas and points of view with the photographer is essential to define the main lines of the scenes, the poses, and especially the desired result. Sarah Sanou prepares each session with future mothers, asking them questions about what they like. “But often they trust me completely and let me imagine the scenes. “

When, where and how?

In general, it is necessary to wait until the belly is quite round for the effect to be more “spectacular”. The ideal is to take the photographs between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. The third trimester is considered a peaceful period and conducive to serenity for the expectant mother. There is no obligation as to the location of the photo. Some prefer the privacy and reassuring comfort of their home. Others opt for the photographer’s studio, which is more professional and adapted. Finally, some, more original, choose natural light and the outdoors, the sea or the countryside. There are also no rules for the participants in the session. According to Marie-Annie Pallud, “these pictures can only be taken with the mother, as a couple or with brothers and sisters. Very often, the dad insists on taking part in the session and being in the photo ”. Dressed, lightly naked or completely naked, what is the best way to sublimate a pregnant woman? Each woman has a different relationship with her body and nudity. Some want to show off the generous curves of their rounded belly. Others, more modest, prefer to suggest the presence of the future baby. In general, the – very intimate – pictures of naked or semi-nude pregnant women are more in demand because they are more artistic. Sarah Sanou confirms that taking pregnancy photos is a strong moment of intimacy that she shares with future mothers: “I want them to be totally comfortable”.

A future mom at the top

To prepare for the shooting session, the photographer has no special requirements. He nevertheless suggests that the mother-to-be do everything necessary to be the most beautiful. It is advisable to go to the hairdresser, to take time to relax with a massage in the institute or a good bath! It is also recommended to pamper your hands as they appear very often in photos. Discreet make-up will enhance the look and hide some skin flaws. It is also advisable not to wear tight clothes, belts or jewelry in order to avoid marks on the skin. But beware ! This shot is not a fashion shoot. Although the mom-to-be is considered the star of the shoot, there’s no point in putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. The shooting must remain a moment of pleasure and joy.

Photo day has arrived

The day of the shooting has finally arrived. The future mother is sublime and serene, ready to play the models. In general, a session lasts two hours maximum, because of the fatigue associated with the end of pregnancy.. Sarah Sanou confirms that she is “very attentive to future mothers”, and “adapts the session according to their physical limits”. “It is sometimes difficult to stay in one position for a long time, back pain or legs are felt, especially at the end of pregnancy. In this case, we take a break, or we move on, and we possibly start again later. “

An unforgettable memory

Whether in black and white (for the poetic effect) or in color, with subdued or overexposed light (the current trend), the pictures taken during pregnancy are overflowing with emotion and happiness. These unique moments shared with the photographer sometimes turn out to be unexpected. Hélène Valbonetti remembers a session where “we could see the baby’s foot, he had started to push to go out. “Besides, the mother gave birth the same evening”. And the photographer Sylvain Robin to add: “problems? No… just two deliveries! A loss of water during the session and the departure of the couple for the clinic at the same time as me, I left their apartment! “. When will the report be in full delivery room? The adventure is not yet news even if Christelle Beney admits that she “would really like to do it!” “.

The rates :

From 250 € for a package of 30 shots

From 70 € per hour for an à la carte quote

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