The miracle of birth in pictures


Touching birth photos

Jamie Anderson is an American photographer. She grew up in sunny San Diego in California and started practicing her art very early, at the age of 12. Mother of four children, it was only natural that she wanted to specialize in birth photographs. “I’m trying to capture this intense, intimate moment that is when a human being comes into the world,” she said humbly. There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn baby in the arms of its mother, or a father looking deeply at his child. “. The proof with these images full of emotion.

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    The coming into the world

    The head is almost out. For the mother, the hardest part is done. Now it’s up to the midwife to play. She will turn the child’s head so that she can free the rest of the body.

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    Here it is, almost whole

    He still seems stunned by the incredible journey he has just experienced. In a few seconds, he will utter that long awaited first cry.

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    The cord, this first link uniting mother to child

    For nine months, the child is fed thanks to the umbilical cord connected to the placenta of its mother. Ultimately, it can measure up to 50 cm long.

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    The end of uterine life

    The cord is clamped after birth and when the pulsations have stopped. It is a very symbolic gesture that often returns to the dad.

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    The first cry

    Cry of liberation, cry of anguish, no one knows what a baby feels when it has just been born. But one thing is certain, it is with his mother that he needs to be.

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    Nothing escapes him

    During the first moments of his life, the newborn is in a state of heightened vigilance. In the days that follow, he will go through long phases of sleep.

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    Skin to skin

    Skin to skin with his mother, the newborn finds the calm and warmth of his intrauterine life.

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    A well deserved rest

    Childbirth is a physical and mental marathon. It’s time for mom to rest and regain strength.

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    First exams

    Shortly after birth, the child finds the pediatrician for a thorough examination. Height, including head circumference, and weight are calculated.

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    The birth of a father

    This exchange of glances with the father is particularly moving. This young father has certainly not given birth, but he is living a profound upheaval

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    To the care

    So small and yet so hairy. The midwife gently combs the newborn’s hair.

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    Future punk

    With his blonde crest, he already looks like a rock star.  

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