The pigeon is one of the most famous and widespread birds in the world and belongs to the pigeon family. This bird lives mainly in the territories of Europe, Southwest Asia, and also North Africa.

The pigeon is characterized by a small body, a small head with a short neck, and short legs with four fingers. The size of this bird is usually about the same as that of a wagtail, however, there are also larger individuals, reaching the size of a chicken.

The color of the pigeon can be either one-color or variegated. In both cases, it is characterized by an attractive metallic sheen. Feathers, quite hard and tough, fit very closely to the body of the bird. Depending on the variety, the tail of a pigeon can be elongated or short and slightly rounded.

Representatives of the family of pigeons are at least fifteen species of wild birds – the most common are the dove and brown pigeons, as well as the clintuch and the wood pigeon.
There are special meat breeds of pigeons, the meat of which is truly delicious and has excellent taste and nutritional properties.

These include the Florentine, Coburg Skylark, Mondain, Polish Lynx, King, Roman Strasser and others.
Pigeon meat has a very delicate taste, which is very difficult to confuse with anything. And although pigeons are now very numerous, only those individuals that were specially raised for this are used for culinary purposes.

To obtain delicious meat, it is recommended to use very young individuals, whose age ranges from 28 to 35 days. While birds have not yet learned to fly, their meat is especially tender. Depending on the breed of the pigeon, as well as on the conditions of its keeping, the average weight of a young bird reaches 800 grams, and an adult – from about 850 to 1400 g.

It is believed that the most delicious pigeon meat is boiled. And pigeons should be raised in a special way. To get amazingly tasty and delicious white pigeon meat, it is recommended to drink milk with a small amount of salt a few hours before slaughtering the birds.


Moreover, in order for the pigeon meat to have special flavors, a certain amount of seeds, dill, anise or caraway can be added to regular bird food – it is recommended to do this a few days before the slaughter of pigeons.

Different countries of the world have their own traditional recipes and secrets of cooking pigeon meat. For example, the inhabitants of France consider pigeon meat cooked in a spicy marinade to be a true culinary delight. Pigeon meat is often stuffed.

For example, the Chinese prefer to fill it with juicy green peas, the Moldovans – from lamb, and the Egyptians – from millet. In addition, pigeon meat, which has a pleasant sweetish aftertaste, just goes perfectly with all kinds of berries and fruits – especially with apricots, tangerines, pears, blueberries and blueberries. Vegetables, mushrooms and red wine can be no less wonderful addition to pigeon meat.

Calorie content

One hundred grams of pigeon meat contains approximately 142 calories.

Composition and useful properties

Pigeon meat is rich in valuable natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It contains a sufficient amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins A, C, PP and group B, so the use of pigeon meat is very beneficial for health.

  • Water 72.82g
  • Carbohydrates 0g
  • Dietary fiber 0g
  • Fat 4.52g
  • Proteins 21.76g
  • Alcohol ~
  • Cholesterol 90 mg
  • Ash 1.28 g

Even in the days of ancient Rome, they hunted for pigeons, served Pigeon meat dishes at the feasts of rich nobles, they considered this meat a delicacy. Even now it is not meat for every day, like chicken or steak, but it is typical for the culinary traditions of some regions of Europe. For example, in Tuscany this meat is popular, in Austria too, and, of course, in France, pigeons are eaten. In Russia, people still need to be taught this.

For starters, how does a meat pigeon differ from an ordinary one …


Meat pigeons are naturally bred in separate enclosures, feed on special food – forage, oats. Outwardly, they differ from ordinary street pigeons in their lighter plumage and beak shape. And there is no need to talk about taste at all – with such a difference in nutrition and living conditions. I know for sure that meat pigeons are bred in Italy in Tuscany, in Chianti. The season does not matter when raising these pigeons. Monthly pigeons weighing about a pound are on sale.

Can you buy pigeon in any market in Italy?

It is unlikely, after all, pigeon meat is not included in the daily diet of most people. Most likely, pigeon meat can be bought at a specialty store that sells game. Or in large supermarkets, but there it will most likely be frozen.

And in the market, pigeons are usually sold plucked, but with a head and paws, so that it is clear that this is really a pigeon. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the smell – it should be fresh, the color of the skin – dark, even purple-brown, and the meat itself – red.

The benefits of pigeon meat


Pigeon meat is food for strengthening the immune system, normalizing blood pressure and gastrointestinal tract function, weight loss, and the earliest possible recovery of the body after illness or surgery.

Pigeon meat soup with noodles and herbs is a healthy and tasty dish
Pigeon meat soup with noodles and herbs is a healthy and tasty dish
Pigeon meat is rich in protein, its amount is eight percent higher than the protein content in chicken meat.

One hundred grams of pigeon meat accounts for only one to two percent fat. The calorie content of the product varies depending on the method of its preparation, but on average, there are about 120-140 Kcal per 100 g of boiled or baked meat. Iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus – this is not a complete list of minerals that should be present in the diet of a healthy person and that are found in pigeon meat.

Pigeon meat harm

Only your personal convictions can become a contraindication to eating pigeon, there are no other restrictions and precautions.

In addition to its beneficial properties, the meat of a young pigeon is very tender and just melts in the mouth.

How to choose a pigeon

Breeders of meat pigeons know that it is better to pluck and butcher pigeons immediately after slaughter. To do this, lay out a clean oilcloth cloth or plastic bag where you will put the down and feathers of the bird. Put on rubber gloves.

You can pluck the pigeon “dry” or after scalding the carcass with hot water. The first method is preferable, as you can use poultry feathers as material for filling pillows, and meat that has not undergone additional heat treatment will retain the taste better.

After removing the feathers, the carcass is lightly scorched with fire, rinsed in cold water and dried.

Taste and aroma of pigeon meat


The meat of wild and domesticated pigeons has a dark, sometimes even bluish tint, fine fibers and a delicate texture. Muscle fibers in fully adults become very tough and lose their taste. Therefore, they eat pigeons no older than 30-36 days. The carcasses of young animals, which practically did not fly and did not form a full-fledged muscle mass, weigh from 270 to 800 grams and the size from wagtail to young chicken.

Very often, pigeon meat is compared to exquisite game: quails, guinea fowl and forest duck. But, unlike traditional game, pigeon meat has a sweetish taste and a special aroma without the smell of “wind”, which is inherent in many feathered inhabitants of forests.

Pigeon meat in cooking: a simple bird for royal dishes

Sweet pigeon meat is easy to prepare and requires virtually no additional flavor enhancement with herbs. For a significant improvement in the taste of meat, giving it a special aroma and tenderness, anise, dill or caraway seeds are added to the feed on farms a few hours before the slaughter of poultry, and meat pigeons are intensively soldered with salted milk.

Since the meat of wild and domestic pigeons has a sweetish taste, dishes are considered ideal in which pigeon is combined with sweet and sour fruits / berries, boiled or grilled vegetables. The best side dishes for pigeon meat are steamed potatoes or sweet potatoes, asparagus or green beans, peas and corn cobs.

To preserve all the nutrients and improve the taste of the meat, it is recommended to cook the pigeon in the oven, on the grill or on a spit. But dishes cooked in an oven or double boiler can also be classified as masterpieces of the culinary art.

How to cook:

• Soup from whole pigeons;
• Risotto with pigeon meat and whole hot peppers;
• Delicate mono-pate made of pigeon only or pate with the addition of poultry liver, hearts and stomachs;
• Grilled meat marinated in wine and berry juice;
• Cutlets and meatballs, minced meat kebabs;
• Soufflé and meat pudding;
• Fast fried pigeons with onion and berry sauce.

Pigeon broth is a signature dish of chefs from different countries and a real healing potion that restores strength and activates metabolic processes in the body.

Domestic pigeon with vegetables



  • Dove 5 pcs (1 kg)
  • Spices for meat
  • Salt
  • 700 g Zucchini
  • 300 g Cauliflower
  • 40 g Olive oil (vegetable)
  • 1 pc Carrot
  • 1 pc Onion
  • 60 ml Soy sauce
  • 30 g Honey

How to cook

  1. Wash the bird, clean the entrails. Marinate in a mixture of spices and salt for several hours. Boil in salted water with carrots, onions, parsley for at least 1 hour. Then take out the pigeons, let dry and spread on top with a mixture of soy sauce and honey (this is to get a golden crust, and the children asked the meat to taste a little sweet). Zucchini and cauliflower were cut and marinated for 20 minutes in a mixture of Provencal herbs, salt and olive oil.

  2. I spread pigeons and vegetables on a greased baking sheet, bake at a temperature of +200 oven mode “lower and upper heating” for 1 hour. Vegetables will give juice, so the poultry is first kind of steamed and then fried. At the end I turn on the top fry in the oven for 3 minutes to get a golden crust. Enjoy your meal!

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