Perfect water for everyone!

Water is essential for maintaining normal body temperature, transporting nutrients and waste products.

Physically active people should remember about proper hydration. During an hour of moderate-intensity training, we lose about 1-1,5 liters of water. Failure to replenish losses leads to dehydration of the body, which results in a decrease in strength, endurance, speed and power of skeletal muscles. Dehydration of the body contributes to the acceleration of the heart rate, which results from the reduction in the volume of blood flowing through the muscles, which increases their fatigue due to too low supply of oxygen and nutrients.

When performing training of low or moderate intensity, which does not last more than an hour, non-carbonated mineral water is sufficient to replenish fluids. During exercise that lasts over an hour, it is worth taking small sips of a slightly hypotonic drink, i.e. an isotonic drink diluted with water. When the training is very intense and long-lasting, electrolytes are also lost with sweat, so it is worth reaching for an isotonic drink that will quickly restore the disturbed water and electrolyte balance.

It should be remembered that immediately after training you need to drink water or an isotonic drink, and not, for example, coffee, energy drinks, strong tea or alcohol, due to the fact that they have a dehydrating effect. Let’s also pay attention to the fact that the water is non-carbonated, because carbon dioxide causes a feeling of satiety and saturation, which contributes to the fact that we do not want to drink before we replenish fluid deficiencies.

Throughout the day, it is best to drink mineral water, non-carbonated, in small sips. The average person should drink about 1,5 – 2 liters of water per day, however, the need varies with increasing physical activity, changing ambient temperature, health status, etc.

Appropriate hydration of cells contributes to the efficient and rapid course of biochemical reactions, which increases metabolism, slight dehydration causes the metabolism to slow down by about 3%, which is not recommended, especially with reducing diets. Remember that you should not reach for flavored waters, as they are often an additional source of sweeteners, artificial flavors and preservatives.

If you want to diversify the water, it is worth adding fresh fruit, mint and lemon or orange juice to it. Lemonade prepared in this way looks and tastes great.

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