How to Choose a Heater for Home

Using a heater in the winter can make your home cozier, but it can also be a big drain on your budget. Therefore, before buying an electric heater, it is important to understand how much your heater costs to run and whether it will be enough to heat the space. How to choose a heater online that won’t create a hole in your finances but will help offset your utility bills? Read about it in our article.

Picking a Right Heater

By going to the website of the tool shop, you can spend hours studying the models presented. In order not to spend a lot of time searching, first determine the key parameters of the heating device:

1.    Calculate the capacity needed to heat the area of your home. You can use the ratio Total area x 10 = Total wattage if the heater is to be used as the only heat source. If you plan to use it for additional heating, a smaller capacity will be enough.

2.    Choose the right type of heating:

  • Convection — silent heating technology that uses natural convection to circulate air.
  • Infrared — provide fast heating of objects and people without heating the air of the room.
  • Fan-forced — quickly distribute the heated air throughout the room but make a little noise when the fan is running.

3.    Consider portability. If you plan to move your heater from room to room, it’s best to go for a lightweight model or a model with wheels.

4.    Consider additional features. If you want to set the periods to turn on and off, look for a model with a timer and a thermostat. This will increase the cost of your heater, but it will help save electricity.

5.    Do not forget about safety — look for a model with a protective screen and an overheating fuse.

Arm yourself with our tips and find an economical and convenient heater for your home.

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