Nutritious kelp

Algae are different for example, blue-green – because of them, reservoirs bloom. There are very beautiful ones – we admire them, looking at the footage of underwater shooting. And there are algae that are extremely useful – like kelp, or seaweed.

One of the oldest Japanese legends tells us about the wise ruler Shan Gin. On the verge of death from cruel conquerors, he called out to the gods. And the gods brought a wonderful drink that gives strength, stamina, fearlessness and longevity. To deliver the drink to all the islands of the state, the daughter of the ruler, the beautiful Yui, drank it and threw herself into the sea. The gods turned Yui into a kelp that absorbed all the power of the divine drink. Algae quickly spread around the islands. Having tried them, the exhausted inhabitants gained stamina and strength, and the enemy was defeated. Laminaria has 30 species. The “leaves” of kelp are used for food, which are more correctly called thalli. Seaweed contains almost three percent of organic iodine compounds, which makes it the number one remedy for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and thyroid diseases, primarily endemic goiter.

For residents of most regions of our country suffering from iodine deficiency, kelp would be the best medicine. Indeed, with the daily intake of iodine recommended by experts at 150 micrograms, kelp contains from 30 to 000 micrograms! For comparison: even the generally recognized storehouse of iodine – feijoa contains only 200 mcg, shrimp – 000, herring – 3000, eggs – 190, dairy products – 66-10, meat – 4 mcg. However, iodine is far from the only value that kelp can offer us, it has something really rare, for example, alginic acid and its salts – up to 11 percent. These unique polysaccharides have such a high binding effect that they are able to “suck out” lead, barium and other deposits of heavy metals from bones, as well as remove toxins and radionuclides from the body. Therefore, seaweed is the strongest antidote and anti-radiation agent. It also contains 20-25 percent mannitol. (acyclic polyhydric alcohol), to which kelp owes its ability to prevent constipation. By the way, as part of various biologically active additives and preparations for hypertension, mannitol and its derivatives act as a diuretic. But that’s not all: Japanese researchers have proven that a substance extracted from the filamentous roots of kelp – rhizoids, inhibits the growth of breast cancer.

In addition to these rarities, kelp contains a rich set of traditional benefits. – up to 9 percent of easily digestible protein, vitamins – A, B1, B11, B12, pantothenic (B5) and folic (B9) acids, C, D and E, compounds of iron, sodium, potassium, manganese … In a word, kelp is a perfectly balanced natural complex, consisting of almost forty vitamins, micro and macro elements. It seems that the gift of Princess Yui can help with almost all disorders of the body – with disorders in the central nervous system, weakening of mental and physical abilities, with digestive and metabolic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, dysfunctions of the immune system, etc. d. etc. And you can’t do without kelp for male and female sexual dysfunctions. No wonder the practical Britons have been producing bread with kelp for a long time, and they say it is very popular – because thanks to iodine, seaweed is known as a powerful aphrodisiac.

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