Metals are removed from the body … by the Sun

Scientists have found that the best cure for the accumulation of heavy metals in the body is … exposure to the sun!

Specialists of the Ankara University School of Medicine (Turkey) conducted a clinical study of 10 children with chronic kidney disease, who underwent texts along with 20 control (healthy) volunteers.

It turned out that taking a special vitamin syrup containing active vitamin D, an analogue of vitamin D that the body naturally produces when sunbathing, actively removes accumulated metals from the kidneys, and aluminum is especially effective.

Previously, the Scientific Organization Consumer Wellness Center Forensic Food Lab released data that aluminum is found in trace amounts in various foods that are considered healthy and certified as suitable.

However, over time, the body gradually accumulates aluminum, and especially in the kidneys, which can eventually lead to their serious diseases. This can happen even at an early age, as the factor of metal retention (the body’s ability to excrete aluminum and other metals with food) in the body of different people is different. Aluminum accumulated in the kidneys can cause toxicosis, a serious illness.

Scientists discovered this problem some time ago, and began to look for ways to solve it. Certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants have been found to help eliminate aluminum and other metals from the body. In particular, it was found that selenium and zinc contribute to the removal of aluminum.

But now it turned out that sunlight or oral vitamin D3 contributes most effectively to the removal of aluminum. Accurate data from the study showed a decrease in aluminum levels in different patients with baseline data of 27.2 nanograms on average, and in the range of 11.3-175 ngml in four weeks to a level of 3.8 ngml on average, in the range of 0.64-11.9 ngml, which is otherwise like a radical ridding of the body from aluminum and you will not name (decrease in metal content by more than 7 times)!

The results of a study conducted by Turkish scientists put active vitamin D at the top of the short list of products that cleanse the body of metals. “Active Vitamin D” scientifically called Calcitriol is a steroid hormone that regulates phosphate and calcium levels in the body.

Many cells in the human body can directly respond to the vitamin D that the body receives from exposure to sunlight. This indicates that our body is naturally adapted to receive “nutrition” from the Sun. It happens like this: in the skin, under the influence of the energy of sunlight (or, strictly scientifically, UV rays), the substance cholecalciferol – vitamin D3 is formed.

If the body does not receive enough natural sunlight (which is typical for countries with a cold climate and a small number of sunny days per year), vitamin D3 deficiency can be artificially replenished by taking vitamin D, which is found in some vegan and vegetarian foods: yeast, grapefruit, some mushrooms, cabbage, potatoes, corn, lemon, etc.  


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