Eating fried meat leads to dementia, doctors have found

More than five years ago, scientists have found that the consumption of fried meat – including deep-fried chops, grilled meat and barbecued meat – dramatically increases the risk of bowel cancer.

This is because heterocyclic amines, which appear in overcooked meat, disrupt normal metabolism. However, according to the latest medical study, the situation with fried meat is much worse than previously thought.

In addition to stomach cancer, it also causes diabetes and dementia, that is, it has almost the same effect on the body as highly processed, “chemical” and “fast” food, or food that has been cooked incorrectly. Doctors are convinced that the likelihood of developing severe, irreversible diseases increases in direct proportion with how often a person consumes such food – whether it is a burger stuffed with preservatives from a diner or a “good old” deep-fried steak.

The study was conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine in New York and published in the American scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The results show that any heavily fried meat (whether pan-fried or grilled) is directly associated with another serious disease – Alzheimer’s disease.

In their report, the doctors described in detail the mechanism of the appearance of the so-called AGEs during the heat treatment of meat, “Advanced Glicated End products” (Advanced Glicated End products, or AGE for short – “age”). These substances are still little studied, but scientists are already convinced that they are extremely harmful to the body and definitely cause severe chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.  

Scientists experimented on laboratory mice, one group of which was fed a diet high in advanced glycation end products, and the other group was fed a diet with a reduced content of harmful AGEs. As a result of the digestion of “bad” food in the brains of “meat-eating” mice, there was a noticeable accumulation of damaged beta-amyloid protein – the main indicator of impending Alzheimer’s disease in humans. At the same time, the body of mice that ate “healthy” food was able to neutralize the production of this substance during the assimilation of food.

Another part of the study was conducted on elderly patients (over 60 years old) suffering from dementia. A direct relationship has been established between the content of AGEs in the body and the weakening of the intellectual abilities of a person, as well as the risk of heart disease. Dr. Helen Vlassara, who led the experiments, said: “Our discovery points to an easy way to reduce the risk of these diseases is to eat foods low in AGEs. For example, this is food cooked over low heat with a lot of water – a cooking method that has been known to mankind for many centuries.

Scientists have even proposed to classify Alzheimer’s disease as “Type XNUMX Diabetes” now. this form of dementia is directly related to an increase in sugar levels in the brain. Dr. Vlassara concluded: “Further research is needed to establish precise links between AGEs and various metabolic and neurological diseases. (For now, one thing can be said – Vegetarian)…by reducing the intake of AGE-rich foods, we strengthen the natural defense mechanism against both Alzheimer’s and diabetes.”

A good reason to think for those who still consider a well-done chop “healthy food”, and at the same time retained the ability to think soberly!  


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