Interesting Melon Facts

Melon belongs to the family pumpkin. Its closest relatives are zucchini and cucumbers.

Homeland melons – Africa and southwestern Asia.

After the melon gained its distribution in Europe, this melon culture was brought to America Spanish settlers in the 15th and 16th centuries.

melon is annual plant, which means it completes its life cycle within one year.

melon two kinds of flowers: staminate (masculine), as well as the most beautiful bisexual. Such plants are called andromonoecious.

seed located in the middle of the fruit. They are about 1,3 cm in size, cream-colored, oval in shape.

The size, shape, color, sweetness and texture of the melon depend on grade.

Most famous varieties melons – Persian, Kasaba, nutmeg and Cantaloupe.

The melon grows like vine. She has a round stem, from which lateral tendrils extend. Green leaves are oval or round in shape with shallow grooves.

Up to the state ripeness melon ripens 3-4 months.

Melons are very nutritious. They contain vitamins C, A, B vitamins and minerals such as manganese, iron and phosphorus.

potassium, which is found in melons, can normalize blood pressure, regulates the heartbeat and prevents seizures.

Melon contains a lot fiberso it is ideal for those who are losing weight. Great alternative to high calorie desserts.

Yubari King melons became the most expensive in the world. They are grown only in a small region of Japan. This is the juiciest and sweetest melon known at present, with the most delicate pulp. It is being sold at auctions and a pair can pull up to $20000.

melon is symbol of fertility and life, as well as luxury, since in the past these fruits were in short supply and were expensive.

25% of the melons consumed in the world come from China. This country produces 8 million tons of melons annually.

After collecting melon does not ripen. Plucked from the vine, it will no longer be sweeter.

Almost all parts of the melon, including the seeds, leaves and roots, are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Fried and dried melon seeds – a common snack in African and Indian cuisine.

The ancient Egyptians cultivated melons 2000 BC.

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