Inedible – edible: what is picacism

While such nutritional disorders are bulimia and anorexia, we know the term “picacism” – a scarce word.

picacism is an overwhelming desire to eat something unusual and inedible, such as chalk, tooth powder, coal, clay, sand, ice, and raw dough, minced meat, rump. It was described by Hippocrates. Modern medicine is generally regarded as a symptom of iron deficiency anemia. Is particularly common during pregnancy.

This disorder is often more common in children and women of all ages and low socioeconomic status areas. Very often, picacism is an overwhelming desire to eat something unusual and inedible, such as chalk, tooth powder, coal, clay, sand, ice, and raw dough, minced meat, rump. occurs in pregnant women, young children, and individuals with General mental development.

Eating inedible items can calm during an anxiety attack or by nervous tension. Sometimes it becomes a habit and the basis of the daily diet.

Picacism may occur due to severe mental trauma and nerve exhaustion. The disorder is often combined with other eating disorders. For example, you may develop due to anorexia or bulimia, when a person seeks to replace food with other substances that are not absorbed and do not give to gain weight.

RPP when physical pain becomes a way to numb emotional pain. Disorders accompanied by strong feelings of shame and embarrassment. Society is not always ready to accept and support people with picacism because little is known.

Some cases of picacism are known.

Adele Edwards eats the furniture for more than 20 years and is not going to stop. Every week she eats so much filler and fabric that will last for a cushion. For all the time she ate a couple of sofas! Because of the strange diet, she was hospitalized with serious stomach issues several times, so currently, she’s trying to overcome his addiction.

Inedible – edible: what is picacism

Schiappa also suffers from an eating disorder. Eating inedible objects, he began to get involved at the age of 10. Now he says that this habit has turned into a real addiction. His body requires all new and new portions of bricks, mud, or stones. At the same time, eat regular food, the man has no desire.

Inedible – edible: what is picacism

A young British woman, a mother of five children, suddenly started to eat toilet paper during their last pregnancy. “I can’t explain why it happened,” says jade. “I like the feeling of dry mouth, and its texture is like even more than the taste.” Since the appearance of the girl with that unusual cravings, it’s been more than four years. During this time, Jade learned to understand toilet paper manufacturers; she had her favorite varieties. Such a strange craving for inedible things scares not only relatives, jade, and herself. She would be glad to “engage,” but nothing can be done about it, as she admits. Eventually, she wants more and more toilet paper.

Inedible – edible: what is picacism


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