How to treat seizures




The immediate cause of the seizure is streptococcus or Candida. The dermatologist will send for a scraping that will pinpoint the culprit. This is necessary in order to prescribe adequate treatment. Antibiotics fight streptococcus, antifungal drugs fight fungus. Usually, external use is enough, but in “long-term” cases, if the seizures persist for several weeks or even months, the doctor may prescribe medications for oral administration.


Steptococcus and Candida are considered conditionally pathogenic flora, these microbes constantly live on the skin of most of us, becoming active only under certain conditions. Among the factors provoking the appearance of a jam, this “five” is in the lead.


1. Injury and hypothermia, especially against the background of a general weakening of the body. They damage the epidermis, microbes colonize the cracks that appear and begin their subversive activity.

2. Avitaminosis… Especially the lack of vitamin B 2, or riboflavin.

3. Iron-deficiency anemia… Typically “female” case. Many women have low hemoglobin levels due to monthly blood loss. And this, in turn, leads to a host of health problems, including seizures.

4. Diabetes… There is reason to suspect him if the seizures are combined with constant dryness of the lips.

5. Tooth decay and gum problems… Unhealed teeth and sore gums are an uninterrupted source of malignant microflora.


6. Gastritis… It also often causes the appearance of a jam.


The seizures themselves are treated antibacterial and antifungal ointments, which ideally should be prescribed by a doctor – after he finds out which microorganisms provoked their appearance. Until you get to the doctor, you can lubricate the cracks with vegetable oil to soften the lips.

It is worth adding to the daily menu riboflavin foods… There is a lot of it in the liver, kidneys, yeast, almonds, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, mushrooms, etc.


Get rid of the habit of licking or chewing your lipsif this is typical for you. In frosty and windy weather, use chapstick.

Also, need to take a blood testto find out if the occurrence of a jam is related to diabetes or iron deficiency anemia. Worth consult a gastroenterologist about possible gastritis and visit the dentist to heal caries, if any, and heal the gums.

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