How to sunbathe in a solarium?



Success largely depends on which salon you choose. In a good establishment, a specialist will definitely determine the type of your skin and prescribe the duration of the session, recommend the necessary cosmetics. If you have a milky complexion, freckles, blond or red hair, light eyes, the solarium is canceled, because your skin is not able to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation. Better try self-tanning – coloring the skin with special cosmetics with bronzing substances.

If your skin tans slightly in the sun, but often reddens and is prone to sunburn, the first session should not be longer than 3 minutes. For people with slightly dark skin, dark blond or brown hair, gray or light brown eyes, the session can be increased to 10 minutes. For those who sunbathe easily and hardly burn – dark skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown or black hair, a session of up to 20 minutes is recommended, because natural melanin perfectly protects “chocolates” from.

In any case, how often you can visit the tanning salon can only be determined individually. Notice how quickly a soft, beautiful tan appears on your body, and refill it as needed. For some, once a week will be enough, for others twice a month. The Russian Scientific Commission on Radiation Protection – there is one – believes that 50 sun sessions per year (lasting up to 10 minutes) are not hazardous to health.


Lying, standing, sitting

Horizontal or vertical solarium? The choice depends on your individual preferences. Someone loves to soak up the bathroom, someone loves a shower. The same is in the solarium: one client likes to lie down and take a nap in the solarium, the other does not want to waste time and sunbathes in vertical solariums. You just need to remember that a turbo solarium implies an accelerated tanning time, so you will hardly be able to soak up it. Vertical solariums are also equipped with powerful lamps, so you can’t stand in them for more than 12-15 minutes. They provide an even tan due to the fact that there is no contact between the surface of the skin and glass. In Europe, the most popular are horizontal solariums. They are usually installed in tanning studios and spa salons. They are equipped with additional options – aromatherapy, breeze, air conditioning.

The quality of tanning depends on the number of lamps and their power. Whichever model of solarium you choose, ask the salon workers how long ago they changed in the installation of the lamp. Or see if the tanning room has a lamp replacement certificate issued by the retailer. If you have not received an answer to your question, it is better to refuse the procedure. The service life of the lamps is determined by the manufacturer, it can be 500, 800 and 1000 hours. Exhausted lamps are simply ineffective, and you will only waste your time. See if there is a built-in internal cooling system that will cool the heated tanning bed, after which it is ready for the new client.

Before starting the session, inquire about the location of the immediate stop button of the device. This will allow you to stop the session at the slightest feeling of discomfort.


Do not sunbathe in a solarium:

* After epilation and peeling.

* If there are age spots on the body, numerous moles (it is possible to protect these places from exposure to ultraviolet radiation).

* For women on critical days, as well as with gynecological diseases (cysts, inflammation of the appendages, fibroids) and breast problems.

* If the function of the thyroid gland is impaired.

* If you are taking medications that increase the sensitivity of your skin.

At the same time, a tanning bed helps to damp psoriasis at an early stage. Ultraviolet baths are useful for young people with age-related acne – they disinfect them. However, in the case of severe inflammation of the sebaceous glands, skin rashes may worsen. Pregnant women can only take ultraviolet baths as directed by their doctor.


The main rule for beginners is gradualism and common sense.

* Remove makeup and jewelry before visiting the solarium.

* Before the session, do not apply any cosmetics to the skin, they may contain UV filters – and you will tan unevenly. But special cosmetics for the solarium will make the tan persistent and give it a pleasant shade.

* Wear special sunglasses over your eyes. Contact lens wearers should be especially careful.

* Cover your hair with a towel or a light cap.

* Protect your lips with a moisturizing balm.

* Cover tattoos as some dyes may fade or cause allergic reactions.

* When sunbathing without a bathing suit, it is still better to protect the chest with a special pad – a stikini.


The solarium has one very significant advantage. In the spring, while the real sun has not yet become available, the artificial sun will prepare the body for the summer load. But in any case, you shouldn’t “fry” in the solarium: you will become bronzed and earn the so-called hyperpigmentation – ugly spots on the skin, which will have to get rid of in the beautician’s office.

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