How not to gain weight on vacation

During the trip, you are relaxed, sleep well, get acquainted with new places, cities, countries, swim in the sea, bask in the warm sun, try new national dishes. Top nutrition and fitness experts share easy ways to enjoy your vacation and stick to your healthy habits.

Take Healthy Snacks

It all starts when you are waiting for your flight at the airport, wanting to kill the worm. The best way to resist the temptation to buy a chocolate bar or a hearty meal at some cafe is to take healthy snacks with you. In addition, if you do not eat them while waiting for the plane, they can be useful to you on the plane, on the way to the hotel, or even in the hotel itself.

“Get foods that don’t spoil quickly, like small bags of nuts and dried fruits, and fruits that can last for days without refrigeration, like bananas and apples,” says fitness expert and trainer Brett Hebel. “Keep them in your bag when you’re at the beach or sightseeing so you can snack every few hours or you’ll be hungry and overdo it at your next meal.”

Tip: stock up on healthy snacks for the day at the hotel’s breakfast buffet if it’s served buffet style. It can be fruits, nuts, dried fruits and unsweetened muesli.

How about a workout at the airport?

So, you got to the airport early, went through passport control, and still at least an hour before boarding? Great, make good use of this time! Instead of flipping through a magazine or sweeping Duty Free items, do some easy but effective exercise. Moreover, you have to sit still for at least several hours. Leave your carry-on luggage with your family while you work out or stretch. If you’re shy or don’t want to sweat a little, you can just go for a long walk around the airport, walk up the stairs, and even go for a little jog.

“When no one is looking, I go for a run. People just think I’m missing my plane so they don’t bother me,” says star trainer Harley Pasternak.

Try one traditional dish at a time

If the country you are vacationing in is famous for its cuisine, don’t try to try all the dishes in one place and in one sitting. Stretch the pleasure, try one dish at a time, or several if they are served in small portions.

Tip: research the area for good traditional restaurants, look in a search engine, ask friends for advice. It is even better to ask the locals where you can eat deliciously and get acquainted with the cuisine of the country. If you like one dish in this establishment, you can go there a couple more times. But do not eat up everything that is offered to you at once.

Don’t go for the buffet

The buffet is perhaps the biggest danger you can face while on vacation. However, it is also a great test of your willpower! Pancakes, croissants, crispy toast, endless desserts, all kinds of jams… Stop! No need to immediately grab a plate and put on it everything that lays eyes. It’s better to walk through these gastronomic rows, evaluate what you want to eat, and only then take a plate and put on it the same amount of food that you usually eat at breakfast.

“The problem with huge meals is that after them you get tired, and then you don’t want to go out and do anything,” Hebel says.

Be sure to drink a glass of water before breakfast and go for a walk afterwards to help your body digest your food.

Don’t Skip Your Workouts

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym while on vacation. All you have to do is keep in shape. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or outdoor space, grab a jump rope and go for a run. A little cardio will keep your muscles toned and you’ll be able to eat some coveted local dessert without a twinge of conscience. You can also practice in your room, do squats with jumps, lunges, press exercises, laying a towel on the floor. If you’re into yoga, you can take your mat with you and practice in your room or even on the beach.

Try new places

If your hotel does have a gym, go to it at least once per vacation. If you practice yoga or do dance or Pilates, find out if there are suitable studios nearby and be sure to visit them. This is a great opportunity to get experience in another country, with other teachers and instructors, so you can learn something new.

More activities!

Travel is always new places and new discoveries! Take your family and friends and go sightseeing, climbing fortresses or mountains. And if you can go diving, surfing, rock climbing or something else in the place where you are relaxing, be sure to take this opportunity with your loved ones.

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