Interesting facts about the Sahara Desert

If we look at the map of North Africa, we will see that its large territory is nothing but the Sahara desert. From the Atlantic in the west, to the Mediterranean in the north and the Red Sea in the east, sultry sandy lands stretch. Did you know that… – The Sahara is not the largest desert in the world. The largest desert in the world, albeit icy, is considered to be Antarctica. However, the Sahara is incredibly huge in size and is getting bigger and bigger every day. It currently occupies 8% of the earth’s land area. 11 countries are located in the desert: Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Chad, Morocco, Eritrea, Nigeria, Mauritania, Mali and Sudan. “While the US is home to 300 million people, the Sahara, which occupies a similar area, is home to only 2 million. “Thousands of years ago, the Sahara was a fertile land. Just some 6000 years ago, most of what is now the Sahara was growing crops. Interestingly, prehistoric rock paintings discovered in the Sahara depict profusely flowering flora. “Although most people think of the Sahara as a giant red-hot furnace, from December to February, the temperature in the desert area drops to freezing. – Some sand dunes in the Sahara are covered with snow. No, no, there are no ski resorts there! – The highest temperature in the history of the world was recorded in Libya, which falls on the territory of the Sahara, in 1922 – 76 C. – In fact, the cover of the Sahara is 30% sand and 70% gravel.

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