Honey can reduce the side effects of smoking

Virtually all smokers are well aware of the health risks and are struggling with their bad habit. A new study suggests that wild honey may reduce the toxic effects of smoking.

Smoking causes many health problems: stroke, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, etc.

Despite various means to help quit smoking, many smokers remain true to their habit. Therefore, the study turned its attention to the use of natural products that help smokers reduce the damage to their health.

A recent study in toxicological and environmental chemistry set out to find how the antioxidants found in honey relieve oxidative stress in smokers.

Smoking introduces free radicals into the body – this is called oxidative stress. As a result, the antioxidant status decreases, which leads to negative health consequences.

Honey has been shown to be effective in reducing the toxic effects of cigarette smoke in rats. The effects of honey on chronic smokers have yet to be documented.

100% organic taulang honey comes from Malaysia. The giant bees Apis dorsata hang their nests from the branches of these trees and collect pollen and nectar from the nearby forest. Local workers risk their lives extracting this honey, because the taulang tree can grow up to 85 meters in height.

This wild honey contains minerals, proteins, organic acids and antioxidants. To establish its effect on the body of a smoker after 12 weeks of use, scientists examined a group of 32 chronic smokers, in addition, control groups were created.

At the end of 12 weeks, smokers who supplemented with honey had significantly improved antioxidant status. This suggests that honey is able to reduce oxidative stress.

The researchers suggested that honey could be used as a supplement among those who suffer from cigarette smoke as active or passive smokers. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Mohamed Mahaneem suggested that other types of honey have a similar effect and smokers may use different types of wild honey. Organic or wild honey, heat-treated, is available for sale in shops and pharmacies in the country.

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