Homemade muffins from Yulia Vysotskaya: 15 recipes


Fast homemade cakes never lose their relevance. This is a great snack for work, a snack for a child to school, a treat for a picnic or a visit, or when you just wanted something delicious. And if the dough for cupcakes needs to be kneaded well, follow its structure, then everything is much easier with muffins.

“It is true that they say that everything is simple and ingenious. The point is this: separate dry ingredients, separate wet ones, and mix not too thoroughly. And then we get this unique moist air structure. And most importantly, they can be made from everything. They can be made sweet, salty, add cheese, nuts, seeds, chocolate or dried fruits, ” Yulia Vysotskaya says about muffins. And we have chosen the best recipes so that you can already prepare this wonderful pastry for your home today.

Carrot muffins with walnuts

You can prepare such muffins with zucchini or beetroot.

Apple-cheese muffins with cinnamon

The sweet taste of maasdam is very good in baking, for our muffins it is just what you need. It is better to use a solid apple and not red-green apples behave better in baking.

Muffins with dried fruits

Walnuts are suitable instead of pecans, and liquid honey is suitable instead of maple syrup. Muffins can be frozen and stored in the freezer for about two months. Serve cold or hot with jam, homemade compote or dried apricots, you can pour icing sugar.

Muffins with crispy bacon and onions

You can use lard with a meat layer, the main thing is that there is a smoked taste. Instead of fresh parsley, dry herbs that you like will do.

Muffins with zucchini, cheese and mint

These muffins are a very balanced meal: there are both proteins and carbohydrates. It is better to take a fragrant cheese, for example, maasdam. You can do without semolina, but it gives a good looseness. Serve these muffins well with a green salad.

Muffins with oatmeal and figs

This recipe is ideal for small non-children who refuse to eat oatmeal in the morning, sometimes they can be pleased with such wonderful muffins. In general, oatmeal in the morning is what you need, and in such muffins she sings and dances. Instead of figs, you can take any other dried fruits, but figs are also very useful. 

Chocolate muffins according to a secret recipe

Instead of hazelnuts, you can take almonds. If you like sweets — add 150 or even 200 g of powdered sugar! And do not be afraid to kill the proteins, they are always whipped with powdered sugar as needed: the more you whisk, the better they will be.

Muffins with smoked salmon and dill

You can use mascarpone or sweet curd with a high fat content. Do not strive to ensure that the dough is smooth and without lumps — muffins will not turn out to be airy. When placing the dough in the molds, try to hide the salmon pieces inside the muffins so that they remain tender.

Banana muffins with oatmeal and honey

Bananas should be very ripe, such that no one wants to eat at home anymore. Olive oil is not felt here at all, but it really helps the structure of the dough, and oat flakes are not only useful, but also crunch after baking better than any nut!

Corn muffins with green onions and chili

You need to work with this test as little as possible, then it will be lush. If the dough is broken, the muffins will turn out to be rubber.

Muffins with banana and dried apricots

Bake the muffins for 15 minutes, cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Help yourself!

Orange muffins with cranberries

Instead of walnuts, feel free to put hazelnuts, almonds, pecans or pine nuts, instead of cranberries ― strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or even just grated apple or pieces of pear. If you are on a diet, replace whole milk with skimmed or kefir, and wheat flour with coarse flour.

Muffins with dried tomatoes and cheese

If there are no dried tomatoes in oil, you can use dry ones, olives or olives are also suitable.

Raspberry muffins

When preparing muffins, it is very important to mix dry ingredients separately and liquid ingredients separately. Instead of yogurt, you can take thick kefir or yogurt of normal fat content. And do not even try to replace the jam with jam — it will spread when baking!

Muffins with zucchini, feta and green onions

I like to add zucchini to baking — it gives moisture, volume, splendor, moreover, there is even a sweet pastry with zucchini. Choose the fat content of sour cream yourself — low-fat sour cream is suitable, but fatter sour cream will also be good.

Cook with pleasure! For more baking recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya, see the link.

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