Instructions for use: how to save on products in supermarkets


How to fill the refrigerator with delicious and diverse products and at the same time fit into the family budget? The modern buyer has a lot of life hacks for this. You will not have to save on the quality of products and the health of your loved ones. 

Check out discounts and promotions

The products on the promotion arouse suspicion: it seems that this is how the store gets rid of products whose expiration date is about to expire. But this is not always the case. Often the manufacturer himself gives the goods cheaper to increase sales. As a result, everything remains in the black: the store increases revenue, the manufacturer increases revenue, and the buyer spends less money. Therefore, always keep an eye on discounts in supermarkets, but remember: in one store, a product with a discount can still be more expensive than in another without a discount.

Explore 3-4 stores near your home and compare prices for products from your regular basket. Most likely, it will turn out that it is more profitable for you to buy milk and vegetables in one store, and meat and bread in another. Make a small table for yourself — it will make it easier to plan a shopping trip and follow the promotions.

Do not overpay for what you do not need

Be careful with stocks like “3 for the price of 2”. If the product spoils quickly, calculate whether you will have time to eat everything before the expiration date expires. If you are buying from this manufacturer for the first time, think about whether you will overpay if you suddenly do not like the taste. Perhaps it is better to take one package for a sample than three at once and for the promotion.

Shop in hypermarkets

Shops near the house are convenient, but they are almost always more expensive than in hypermarkets and large grocery chains. If the hypermarket is far away from you, plan the purchase of products in advance — it is better to go to a large store 2 times a month and take food there for a couple of weeks than to overpay once a week in the one that is near the house. Make a list of everything that you can buy for the future, and take it with you to the store. Firstly, it is simply more convenient to use the list, and secondly, it will help to refrain from unplanned purchases.

Large chain supermarkets regularly issue booklets with special offers. Do not throw them away, but study them carefully. This will help you plan your next major purchase. If you didn’t have time to grab them at the checkout or counter, check the store’s website. To search for promotions in large networks, there are special applications-aggregators of discounts, it is useful to install them on your smartphone.

Use cashback

Cashback is a refund of part of the money spent. If you pay with a cashback card in the store, a percentage of these expenses will be returned to your card. The bank returns this money to you, not the stores, and does this so that you use the card more often. The fact is that the bank earns money on each of your transactions and is ready to share part of this profit so that you use cash less often. Cashback can be different, depending on the card with which you pay. Sometimes banks return bonuses that can only be spent in specific stores. Or points that can then be used to compensate only certain purchases. Cashback also happens in rubles, for example, with the Tinkoff Black card. According to it, once a month, the bank returns 1% of your expenses in live rubles every month. You can spend them at your own discretion.

But 1% is not the maximum that you can get from the card. Each client also has three categories of increased cashback, which can be selected independently. Among them there are “Supermarkets”, “Clothing”, “House / repair”, “Restaurants”, etc. For purchases in these categories, the bank will refund you 10% cashback for each purchase.

The most pleasant cashback can be obtained for purchases from the bank’s partners. Among them are large networks like “Carousel”, “Crossroads”, “Pyaterochka” and “Auchan”. According to special offers, the cashback reaches 30%, and in these stores it happens in the region of 10-15%. The partners ‘ cashback is combined with the usual cashback, so that with a successful combination of circumstances, you can save up to 20% of the purchase price.

What other bonuses do the Tinkoff Black card have?

  • 10% welcome cashback for the “Supermarkets” category up to 1000 rubles.
  • Promo code for a 5% discount in the culinary studios of Yulia Vysotskaya.
  • A chance to win one of the five books by Yulia Vysotskaya “Delicious Year”.
  • Free cash withdrawal at any ATMs in the world from 3000 rubles.
  • Transfers without commission to cards of other banks up to 20,000 rubles.
  • 6 % per annum on the account balance.  

You can get a welcome cashback, a discount on the master class and take part in the drawing of Yulia Vysotskaya’s book by following the link.

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