Healthy approach: fasting diet after the holidays



Long winter weekends turn almost everyone into people exhausted by the holidays. No matter how hard we try not to succumb to countless gastronomic temptations, no one is immune from overeating. Therefore, the primary task after the New Year is to restore the body.

Diagnosis: overeating

Здоровый подход: разгрузочная диета после праздников


The restorative diet is based on a simple rule. Do not rush from one extreme to the other and immediately after a satisfying holiday to organize a hunger strike. For the body, this is torture, which in the end only multiplies the kilograms. In addition, sharp changes in the diet can undermine health.

Unloading after the holidays should be done wisely and with a sense of proportion. To do this, follow the basic recommendations. If you have eaten too much fatty food, the best therapy is a fasting day on kefir. Those who overdo it with salty and spicy dishes, you need to focus on stewed vegetables and boiled unpolished rice. Are you too fond of sweets? Lean on vegetable and milk proteins in combination with cereals and fruits. The consequences of excessive libations will be corrected by boiled chicken breast, sauerkraut, oatmeal and citrus fruits.

In any case, try to drink more liquid, mainly regular water. Replace coffee and other tonic drinks with green and herbal teas with honey. Be sure to stick to a fractional diet, dividing modest portions into 5-7 meals.

The taste and color of unloading is there

Здоровый подход: разгрузочная диета после праздников

Fasting days effectively help to recover after overeating. But remember: they are not suitable for everyone. The main contraindications are diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus, problems with the heart, liver and kidneys, pregnancy and lactation.


The fasting day menu includes one specific product. The most nutritious option is buckwheat. Pour in the evening in a thermos 200 g of cereals 600 ml of boiling water without salt and oil. In the morning, divide it into equal portions and eat it all day. Vegetables are good for unloading, especially in the form of a light soup. It is based on any cabbage in combination with carrots, celery, tomatoes and herbs. Remember: no oil and no salt! But add ginger, chili and cumin boldly. These spices speed up the metabolism.

Natural yogurt with a fat content of up to 2.5% gives excellent results. It is eaten every 2 hours in portions of 150-200 g. You can arrange apple unloading, dividing 1.5-2 kg of fruit into 5-6 meals. By the way, some of the apples can be baked in the oven. Due to this, they increase the content of pectin, which removes slags and toxins.

Seven-day Health Marathon

Здоровый подход: разгрузочная диета после праздников


Another optimal method of cleansing the body after the holidays is a gentle diet designed for a week. During this period, it is better to make breakfasts from fermented dairy foods of medium fat content: cottage cheese, bio-yogurt and kefir smoothies. They should be alternated with oatmeal or buckwheat, cooked in water without salt. The lunch menu necessarily includes not too rich soups based on white meat. Cream soups made from pumpkin, cauliflower or carrot are also appropriate. As a second course, choose crumbly porridges without oil, vegetable stews and casseroles. For dinner, prepare salads with fresh vegetables, beans and herbs. Fill them with low-fat sour cream or a drop of olive oil with lemon juice.

For the role of snacks, fresh thick juices with pulp or crusty bread with vegetables and pickled cheeses are suitable. It is better to forget about red meat for the next week. For more effective unloading, nutritionists recommend eating more low-fat fish (cod, pollock, hake), steamed. Those who can hardly bear the” separation ” from sweets can cheer themselves up with citrus fruits, apples and dried fruits.

Short distance race

Здоровый подход: разгрузочная диета после праздников


It happens that you need to get in shape in a short time. Here you can resort to a more strict two-day unloading. One of its main advantages is the cleansing of the intestines after the holidays. But keep in mind: you can only do it if you do not have any health problems.

On the first day for breakfast, you should drink a glass of kefir with 1 tbsp. l. parsley. Then prepare the salad”Panicle”. Mix 300 g of raw grated carrots, beets and cabbage, season with 1 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Eat the salad during the day, and 2 hours before bedtime, drink a glass of kefir with 1 tbsp of bran.

The second day also starts with kefir. But instead of salad, you’ll have to settle for oatmeal. Pour 300 g of hercules 800 ml of boiling water with 1 tbsp of linseed oil overnight. Divide the porridge into 5-6 servings and add 1 tsp of raisins. Dinner will replace grapefruit juice with pulp, half diluted with water.


The most important thing is that the exit from the express diet should be smooth. For the next 3 days, stick to a moderate diet, without greasy fried foods, smoked meats, cheeses, and pastries. Only in this way can you consolidate the achieved result and bring the body back to normal.

Properly carried out unloading is really able to reconfigure the body and speed up recovery after the holidays. However, do not turn it into a hungry torment. If you feel a sharp deterioration in your health, you should abandon the diet immediately.

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