Green tomatoes give muscle strength

Scientists have found that the substance tomatidine contained in green tomatoes is the main food component that allows muscles to grow and strengthen. Such an unusual study was published recently in the scientific “Journal of Biochemistry”.

Doctors in search of a cure for skeletal muscle atrophy – which until now has not been! – stumbled upon an amazing fact: the finished solution is contained in the skin of unripe tomatoes. Scientists have long struggled to solve this problem, and sometimes came close to determining its causes, but they did not find a cure.

Skeletal muscle atrophy is a serious health and life problem, it can occur both in the elderly and in hospital patients who are bedridden for a long period. In a very short time, a person can lose most of the muscle mass – which is extremely unfavorable. Skeletal muscle atrophy is not some exotic and rare disease, but a problem that, unfortunately, can potentially affect everyone.

Now we can say that the problem is generally solved. In experiments on mice, it has been reliably proven that tomatidine allows you to grow and strengthen muscles. The main task today is to determine the dosage – how many green tomatoes should be eaten by a sick person, and how much – by a healthy person who is engaged in fitness and wants to strengthen muscles. Also, the issue of the problem-free assimilation of unripe tomatoes by the human body is not entirely clear – and their gastronomic value clearly leaves much to be desired. In this regard, scientists are going to create a special food supplement. Perhaps it will also contain green apple peel extract, which is also good for muscles.

Nutrition experts comment: Before introducing a significant amount of green tomatoes into your diet, you should seek the advice of a nutritionist. At the same time, it is noted that, theoretically, green tomatoes can be fried and added to salads – or even eaten raw.

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