Gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, distilled, 80 degrees (40 percent alcohol)

Nutritional value and chemical composition.

The table shows the content of nutrients (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams edible part.
NutrientQuantityNorm**% of the norm in 100 g% of the norm in 100 kcal100% normal
Calorie value231 kCal1684 kCal13.7%5.9%729 g
Alcohol (ethyl alcohol)33.4 g~
Water66.6 g2273 g2.9%1.3%3413 g
Ash0.01 g~
Vitamin B1, thiamine0.006 mg1.5 mg0.4%0.2%25000 g
Vitamin B2, riboflavin0.004 mg1.8 mg0.2%0.1%45000 g
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine0.001 mg2 mg0.1%200000 g
Vitamin PP, NE0.013 mg20 mg0.1%153846 g
Potassium, K2 mg2500 mg0.1%125000 g
Sodium, Na1 mg1300 mg0.1%130000 g
Phosphorus, P4 mg800 mg0.5%0.2%20000 g
Trace Elements
Iron, Fe0.04 mg18 mg0.2%0.1%45000 g
Manganese, Mn0.018 mg2 mg0.9%0.4%11111 g
Copper, Cu21 μg1000 μg2.1%0.9%4762 g
Zinc, Zn0.04 mg12 mg0.3%0.1%30000 g

The energy value is 231 kcal.

  • fl oz = 27.8 g (64.2 kCal)
  • jigger 1.5 fl oz = 42 g (97 kCal)
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