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Absolutely everyone knows that human memory, no matter how wonderful it is, deteriorates over time. And absolutely everyone knows that this is happening for various reasons, most often physiological. However, not every person is ready to put up with this state of affairs. This article is a kind of overview of the most effective, from the point of view of leading nutritionists and physiologists of the planet, ways to improve memory.

What is memory

Omitting complex terminology and speaking in simple understandable language, memory is a special ability of a person that allows him to memorize, store and reproduce this or that information at the right time. A huge number of scientists have been and are studying all these processes.

Moreover, some of them even tried to measure the size of a person’s memory, for example, Robert Berge from the University of Syracuse (USA). He studied the mechanisms of storage and transmission of genetic information for a long time and in 1996 concluded that there can be anywhere from 1 to 10 terabytes of data in the brain… These calculations are based on knowledge of the number of neurons and the assumption that each of them contains 1 bit of information.

However, it is difficult to consider this information reliable at the moment, since this organ has not been fully studied. And the results obtained are more a guess than a statement of fact. Nevertheless, this statement provoked a large-scale discussion around this issue, both in the scientific community and on the network.


As a result, people thought not only about their own capabilities, but also about ways to improve them.

Nutrition and memory

Have you started to notice that your memory is gradually deteriorating? The famous dietitian Gu Chui Hong from Malaysia claims that in this case, especially it is important to adjust your diet… After all, the reason for this may be a lack of nutrients necessary for the brain, which improve its blood supply.

She also mentions that there was a publication in the journal Neurology describing the positive effects of the Mediterranean and DASH diet (to prevent hypertension) on memory. According to them, you need to eat as much fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts as possible, trying to saturate the body with fiber.

«Eat 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Do not overuse salty foods and eliminate harmful fats, replacing them with useful ones. You can also add porridge, a lot of nuts and seeds, which have unsaturated fatty acids“Gu says.

Plus, don’t forget about antioxidants. And blueberries are their best source. According to the nutritionist, scientists have long proven that 1 cup of blueberries a day can not only prevent memory impairment, but also improve brain activity. And all because there are antotions in it. In addition to blueberries, any berries are suitable, as well as vegetables and fruits of blue, burgundy, pink, dark blue and black – blackberries, red cabbage, cranberries, black currants, etc.

Moreover, you need to add green leafy vegetables to your diet – spinach, lettuce, all types of cabbage. They contain folic acid, a deficiency of which can provoke memory impairment. This conclusion was made after scientific studies were carried out in which 518 people aged 65 and over took part.

You also need to take care of an adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids, as these are excellent antioxidants. Most of them are in fish and seeds.

How do you remember all these principles?

According to the nutritionist, it is enough just to put a plate with the most “colorful” food in front of you. Thus, you can enrich your diet with all the necessary substances, improve blood supply, memory and brain activity.

Top 12 foods to improve memory

Blueberries. A powerful antioxidant. One cup of blueberries a day is enough.

Walnuts. To feel the positive effect, you need to eat 20 grams. nuts a day.

Apples. They contain a large amount of vitamins that directly affect the functioning of the brain. You need to eat 1 apple daily.

Tuna. It contains both omega-3 fatty acids and iron. In addition to tuna, mackerel, salmon, cod and seafood are also good options.

Citrus. They contain not only antioxidants, but also iron, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain.

Poultry and beef liver. These are great sources of iron.

Rosemary. It is indispensable for a good memory. It can be added to various dishes or tea.

Sage tea. It improves memory and concentration.

Beans. It contains B vitamins. They have a positive effect on brain function and help fight depression, which is often one of the causes of memory impairment.

Eggs and in particular egg yolk. In addition to proteins and vitamins, it contains a special substance called choline, which also improves memory.

Milk and dairy products. Sources of choline and vitamin B12, the lack of which negatively affects the functioning of the brain and memory.

Coffee. Research results have shown that this drink helps to concentrate and also saturates the body with antioxidants. The main thing is not to abuse it and drink no more than 1-2 cups a day.

How else can you improve your memory

  • Get enough sleep… Insomnia or lack of sleep, less than 6-8 hours, can cause memory impairment.
  • Visit an endocrinologist regularly… Many people with thyroid problems have memory impairments. By the way, the same symptoms can be observed in all those who suffer from chronic diseases, as well as diabetes.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, overly salty foods and smoking, as well as food containing unhealthy fats (butter, lard), replacing it with vegetable oils with healthy fats.
  • Never stop learning… Any brain activity has a positive effect on the state of memory.
  • To communicate… Scientists say that sociable people practically do not have memory problems.
  • Develop new habits… They make the brain work, thereby improving memory. In addition, you can solve crosswords, play mind games, or collect jigsaw puzzles.
  • Do sport… Physical activity improves blood circulation and oxygenates the brain, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on both its activity and memory.

And also look for the positive in everything. Dissatisfaction with life often leads to depression, which causes memory impairment.

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