Rose Casino is a representative of climbing varieties and attracts with beautiful and large yellow flowers. It is actively used in landscape design by both amateurs and professionals. For good development and beautiful lush flowering, perennials need comprehensive care.

History of origin

The climbing rose Casino was bred almost 60 years ago – in 1963. The origin of the variety is Ireland. The work was supervised by the breeder and owner of a private rose nursery, Samuel McGredy IV.

Already in the year the Casino variety was created, the Royal National Rose Society (RNRS) awarded it the highest award. In 2011, a major flower show was held in Florida, where he was named the best among climbing roses.

Today, the Casino variety continues to be popular. It is realized by the world famous Serbian nurseries Topalovic and Imperial Rose.

Description rose Casino with photo

Rose Casino is a perennial climbing variety. It grows in the form of a bush that looks like this:

  • height up to 350-400 cm;
  • diameter 1,5-2 m;
  • shoots are powerful, straight, hard;
  • the size of the leaves is medium, the shape of the plates is oblong, the color is rich green, the outer part is glossy.

The bushes reach their maximum height approximately in the fourth year after planting. Prior to this, each season the growth of the variety is 1,2-1,3 m.

Comment! Thorns form on the shoots of the climbing rose of the Casino, aged from two years. These outgrowths are sharp and long.

The Casino rose has light yellow flowers with a diameter of 10-11 cm. They look like this:

  • goblet shape;
  • small inflorescences – in each 2-3 buds, up to five on the stem;
  • each flower has up to 40 petals.

The Casino rose buds open in June. Flowering continues until early October. At least two of its waves are observed.

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

During flowering, the buds of the Casino variety exude a rich aroma with tea and fruity notes.

The frost resistance of the Casino rose is average. The perennial can withstand temperatures down to -20-23 °C – zone 6a. This corresponds to the south of Our Country, the Lower Volga region, the Kaliningrad region.

Advantages and disadvantages

Climbing rose Casino primarily attracts gardeners with its high decorative effect. Together with its large growth, this makes the variety a welcome guest in landscape design.

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Climbing variety Casino looks beautiful in the cut – you can use it on its own, combine with other colors


  • fast growth;
  • long and abundant flowering;
  • cut resistance;
  • at least two waves of flowering;
  • rich and pleasant aroma.


  • insufficient frost resistance for some regions;
  • demanding care;
  • hard shoots can be damaged by bending down before wintering;
  • insufficient resistance to certain diseases.

Planting and caring for the Casino rose

You can plant a perennial in the spring (late April or early May) or in the first decade of October. For the southern regions of Our Country, both options are appropriate. In the middle lane, the Volga region and the Kaliningrad region, spring planting is better. If it is produced in the fall, there is a high risk that the perennial will not survive the winter.

For successful cultivation of a variety, it is important to choose the right place:

  • good lighting, but with little shading;
  • elevation;
  • remoteness of groundwater;
  • the soil is light and fertile, well moistened;
  • the soil is slightly acidic – the optimal pH level is 5,5-6,5.
Comment! Some shade is especially important when growing in the south. Excess sunlight is fraught with fading of the petals.

It is recommended to prepare a site for planting a climbing rose Casino for six months. They do it like this:

  1. Clear the selected area of ​​debris, stones, weeds.
  2. Dig up the ground.
  3. Apply 1-2 kg ​​of humus, manure or peat per 5 m².

Fresh manure can only be used if the preparation of the site is carried out according to the rules for six months. It cannot be applied immediately before planting, since it significantly warms up the soil, and this negatively affects the plant.

If the soil in the garden is clayey, then sand must be added. 1-0,2 kg of material is added per 0,3 m², closing up when digging.

Landing is carried out as follows:

  1. Dig a square hole with a side of 0,6 m.
  2. Lay a drainage layer 10 cm thick at the bottom. Pebbles, crushed stone, broken brick, gravel will do.
  3. Mix the upper fertile layer of the earth with the same amount of humus.
  4. Pour the resulting soil mixture into a 10 cm high slide.
  5. Install vertical support.
  6. Place the rose seedling on the prepared mound, gently straighten the roots.
  7. Tilt the plant, forming an angle of 30 ° with the support.
  8. Fill the hole with fertile soil, lightly tamp.
  9. Water the seedling – 10-20 liters of warm water is enough for the plant. She must be reserved.
  10. Mulch the plant with peat, straw or sawdust.
Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

When planting, the root neck is deepened by 2-3 cm.

Rosa Casino needs comprehensive care. It necessarily includes moderate watering. Two buckets of water are spent on a young bush, 1,5 times more on an adult. Watering is carried out every week. If it rains, then additional moisture is not required.

After watering, wait 1-2 days and loosen the soil. Weed it as needed.

Perennials are fed at least three times per season:

  • end of April – urea, potassium salt, superphosphate;
  • after the first wave of flowering (second half of July) – superphosphate, potassium salt;
  • September – potassium salt.

The first year after planting, the Casino rose is tied to a support for growth in the right direction. In June-July, all buds are also removed to prevent early flowering.

Rose Casino needs to be cut three times:

  • spring, until the buds swell – removal of frostbitten branches;
  • summer – removal of wilted buds to stimulate the next wave of flowering;
  • autumn – removal of the remaining peduncles.
Comment! Every 3-4 years, a rejuvenating pruning is done in the spring, getting rid of old shoots and shortening new ones to 6-7 buds.

Due to insufficient frost resistance, the Casino rose is covered for the winter. For young bushes, it is appropriate to bend down the bushes and cover with a film and lutrasil on a metal frame. Adult plants are simply left on a support, insulated with spruce branches and agrofibre.

Methods of reproduction

Perennial propagated by green cuttings. They are harvested from young shoots that have recently faded or are still with open buds:

  1. Make blanks so that each has 3-4 kidneys.
  2. Make an oblique cut from below, a straight cut from above.
  3. Remove all lower leaves, cut the upper ones in half.
  4. Plant cuttings in a container or flower bed, water, cover with a jar or plastic bottle.
  5. Moisturize and ventilate regularly.
  6. Mulch for the winter. Suitable leaf litter, straw, spruce branches.
  7. In March-April, remove the shelter and land in a permanent place.

For cuttings, it is better to use young bushes (3-5 years).

Diseases and pests

Rose Casino has an average resistance to fungal diseases. The flower may suffer from powdery mildew. To combat it, use:

  • Topaz;
  • Tiovit Jet;
  • Fundazol;
  • Raek;
  • Quadris;
  • Speed
Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

With the defeat of powdery mildew, the frost resistance of the plant is significantly reduced.

Another possible fungal disease is black spot. The following drugs are used against it:

  • Bordeaux liquid;
  • copper sulfate;
  • Ridomil Gold;
  • Zircon;
  • Tiovit Jet;
  • Speed
Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Black spot spreads in spring at 8°C and high humidity

Rosa Casino can also suffer from bacterial cancer. You can spray it with copper sulfate, but in most cases the treatment is powerless.

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Bacterial cancer is manifested by growths on the roots, neck

Aphids are a common pest of roses. You can fight it in different ways:

  • drugs – Biotlin, Fitoverm, Neem, Kinmiks, Aliot;
  • folk remedies – soap solution, nettle decoction, infusion of tobacco dust, garlic, onion peel.
Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

A small amount of aphids can be washed off the buds with running water

Application in landscape design

The large height of the climbing rose Casino allows it to be successfully used for vertical gardening. It looks self-sufficient, because in most cases it is used alone. The perennial will also look beautiful in combination with other climbing varieties – you can choose both harmonious and bright contrasting shades.

Comment! For vertical gardening, shoots are tied to supports, since the plant does not have tendrils.
Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

The design of arches with climbing roses looks especially beautiful – the design should have smooth curves, since the shoots are rigid

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Climbing rose Casino can decorate the walls of houses, gazebos, stairs, columns

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Climbing rose Casino can be used to mask outbuildings, unsightly corners of the garden

Climbing yellow rose Casino (Casino): planting, care, variety description, reviews

Climbing rose Casino is perfect for decorating fences, creating hedges


Rose Casino – a beautiful climbing variety of Irish origin with large yellow flowers. Perennial is used mainly for vertical gardening. It blooms for a long time and plentifully, but requires comprehensive care.

Reviews of gardeners about the rose Casino

Ekaterina Kurdyumova, Rostov-on-Don
 I have been growing Casino roses for about ten years. Very beautiful yellow flowers. My rose climbs the wall of the house, they made a lattice especially for it. Care is not so difficult, be sure to remove wilted buds.
Anastasia Shorina, Krasnodar
I planted a Casino rose three years ago, it has already grown about 3 m. It grows along the fence, it is very tall with us. The rose blooms profusely, the aroma is rich. Be sure to spray with Bordeaux liquid in the spring and every year I fight against aphids, it flies from a neighbor.
Climbing Rose Casino. It is charming and fragrant.

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