Cellulite: you will beat it!

Ecology, which does not please us at all lately, has an important relation to the formation of the “orange peel”. A sedentary lifestyle that haunts more than 50% of the population and affects even more residents of metropolitan areas. Improper nutrition: fast foods that poison the body, a large amount of fatty and sweet foods in the diet. Bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, disrupt metabolism. Lack of water, which we often neglect due to chronic lack of time. All these factors to a greater or lesser extent affect the condition of our skin.

Experts agreed on one opinion: the stages of the appearance of cellulite can be divided on three points.

1. Weakly visible bumps on the skin that appear in the thighs and abdomen with muscle tension. This makes the skin uneven, although the “orange peel” is not yet noticeable.

2. Dimples on the skin that appear when a separate part of the body is compressed. You still look good in a bikini, but when squeezing, for example, part of the buttocks, you may notice dimples that disappear as soon as you let go of the contracted part of the body.

3. The appearance of the same “orange peel”. When the dimples on the body are visible without external influences.

More recently, it was believed that cellulite is a banal deposition of fat that appears with age. However, more and more often you can meet young, slender girls who are faced with this problem. Therefore, the problem is not age-related changes. Cellulite is a metabolic disorder in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Many women, mistaken in the true origin of cellulite, turn to strict diets, thereby further worsening the condition of the “orange peel” that has appeared. However, the appearance of cellulite is a protracted process. Therefore, getting rid of it is a long-term systematic desire to bring your body into full order. 

Consider several effective methods of combating cellulite.

Method one. Potato.

1. Potatoes in the diet. Contrary to popular belief that potatoes are an unacceptable product in weight loss diets, they are useful for both losing weight and people striving for a healthy lifestyle. Properly cooked potatoes not only do no harm, but also help improve the condition of the body as a whole. Potatoes contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, vitamin B complex, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, iodine, iron, calcium and magnesium. And this is not a complete list. Basic rules in cooking potatoes: no seasonings, spices, ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces. Mashed potatoes are prepared with water, without the addition of milk and butter. Believe me: oven-baked potatoes (without salt and oil) will surprise you with their natural amazing taste.

2. Potato wrap. The ability of potatoes to remove antioxidants will have a beneficial effect on your skin. Before wrapping, you should take a warm bath and massage the scrub on the parts of the body that will be wrapped with massage movements. On dry skin, pre-peeled and thinly sliced ​​potato rings are applied, which are fixed with plastic wrap. The wrapped parts of the body must be covered with a warm cloth and wait thirty to forty minutes. After wrapping, the skin must be rinsed with warm water and massaged with olive oil. The procedure must be carried out every three days until the desired result is obtained.

Method two. Ginger.

1. Ginger scrub. Ginger speeds up blood circulation, which is one of the fastest ways to get rid of the “orange peel”. The method of making a ginger scrub at home is quite simple. For eight tablespoons of dry ginger, you need 2 tablespoons of coffee and olive oil. All ingredients must be mixed until a thick slurry is obtained and rub the scrub into problem areas of the body with light massage movements. This scrub should be used no more than once a week.

2. Ginger tea. Easily prepared, ginger tea tones your body and boosts your metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on your body as a whole. You will need: thinly sliced ​​ginger root, lemon juice (to taste), one tablespoon of honey. The brewed trio must be insisted for ten minutes. Tonic drink is ready to drink!

Method three. Apple vinegar.

Wrap with apple cider vinegar. After taking a warm bath (preferably with a scrub), apply a pre-prepared mixture to clean, dry skin. For the mixture you will need: five tablespoons of water, five tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and five tablespoons of liquid honey. The ingredients are mixed into a homogeneous mass and applied with massaging movements to problem areas of the skin. The skin is then wrapped in plastic wrap and aged for thirty minutes. After the procedure, you need to take a warm shower and lubricate the body with a moisturizer. The effect of wrapping with apple cider vinegar will be noticeable after the first procedure. To completely get rid of cellulite, it is necessary to carry out ten to fifteen procedures.

Of course, getting rid of cellulite is a long and complex process that requires a lot of time, desire and expense. But the delight of the results will not make you regret the effort spent. A beautiful smooth body without flaws will allow you to enjoy yourself, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, which is so necessary for every woman in the modern world, where there is a daily struggle for the place of the first beauty in society. And such a fragile and tender creature as a woman needs constant energy replenishment in the form of compliments and admiring glances from the outside. Improved mood, positive thoughts and pride in your work will give incredible results that will have a beneficial effect not only on your appearance, but also in all other areas of life. You are the creators of your body. And only you make yourself what you will be tomorrow, summer or twenty years from now. Have you already figured out how you want to see yourself? Then get to work!


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